Cycling Ruins Lives

cycling on the sea to sky from vancouver to whistler @ twentyfourcarat.net

cycling on the sea to sky from vancouver to whistler @ twentyfourcarat.net

As much as I love cycling, I have to admit it has slightly ruined my life. Here are some signs that cycling ruins lives:

  • You’ve lost all appeal in everyone’s favorite summer activities of beach-bumming and boating. WHY would you do that when you can be moving, exploring and burning calories on a bicycle?! So silly.
  • It has ruined hiking for you because hiking is so slow and such a waste of time (when it could be spent riding). The only acceptable hike is the Grouse Grind because it’s quick and intense— and then you can spend the rest of the day on your bike…
  • You get depressed every time you need to drive to Whistler on the Sea to Sky and you pass all these cyclists having the time of their lives riding it.
  • You look like a bum every day at work with your hair tied up in a messy bun because you can’t be bothered to look polished when you have to commute home later in the day anyway.
  • Your entire summer passes by way too quickly because you are always looking forward to long weekend group rides.
  • You never get enough sleep because you’re constantly getting up at 5am to get in a long morning ride before work.
  • You can’t make plans during the day on weekends just in case an impromptu ride happens, if nothing was already planned. You never know when you may feel like going out for a ride… which is pretty much all the time. Especially if the sun is out. No weekend must be wasted.
  • You spend well over $100/month on coffee [breaks]since bikes and coffee goes hand-in-hand.
  • You spend all your free time browsing for new cycling gear and parts to buy.
  • Hungover bike rides. Not avoidable during the summer and you always feel like shit but you NEVER regret it.
  • Permanent sun glass tan.

How has cycling ruined your life?

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