Weekend Musings

Vain Mirror Pics
2 shameless #vainmirrorpics (in front of a mirror that desperately needs cleaning) and a beautiful morning stroll in the neighbourhood. In both pictures, I was late for something but there will always be time for a #vainmirrorpic! Oh and my OG-hair is back! Goodbye, LG-hair.
Weekend Eats
Random weekend eats. Mostly clean and some unhealthy in but in REALITY, it was mostly unhealthy and some clean.
Sunday Morning Costco Fun Run.
Goodies from my Sunday Morning Costco Fun Run.
Sunday Night Food Fest
Another season of cheap king crab has come and is almost over! Of course, our Sunday Night Food Fest had to include Peking Duck and then bubble tea right after a huge Chinese dinner … because you know, we were already in Richmond and it’s an Asian thing but honestly, we are all just little piggies.
Foam Rolling
Next week, I am going to tone it down in the gym with heavy lifting and lower body exercises and going to spend extra time stretching and foam-rolling (and more low intensity cycling).
Next Post Preview
What’s this skinny little thing? It’s a preview of my next blog post!

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