The Perfect Time to Ride My Bicycle

The Perfect Time To Ride My Bicycle

The other day, I went on one of the most fulfilling bike rides ever. It was my second time on my bike that month because I had a little setback from my MVA injury. I always gravitate towards delayed gratification so I had to maintain discipline and stay off the bike.

The ride was perfect because it had all the elements of my favourite time to ride: FALL + TWILIGHT HOUR + AFTER THE RAIN. 🙏🍁🌓☔ …and double rainbow porn as an added bonus (but I only captured one because I was distracted riding)! 🌈

Don’t hesitate to take photos of everything to document your life and things that makes you happy. If anyone criticizes you, they’re just unhappy with their own lives!

It was really hard to be exercising indoors during my time off the bike (except for daily walks) and I also noticed that I was getting soft! I am definitely not a fair-weather rider and a few months ago, even if it was pouring rain I would still be out and about on two-wheelz. A little bit of rain never held me back but the last couple of weeks, I had zero desire to ride because of the rain… that is so unlike me.

It is so important to be aware of your actions because if you are not aware, you can begin to lose good habits.

I never want to be a fair-weather rider because it took a lot hard work getting to where I am today! NOTHING WORTHWHILE COMES EASY.

I was sitting at my desk eating a late lunch while staring out the window. I was already in my gear & had my trainer set up but decided to get outside last minute because I saw the sun come out… and I couldn’t resist.

I am addicted to sunshine and Mother Nature. 🍃

Of course, I got soaked but as we all say, there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong gear! I miss this feeling so much! The DISCOMFORT of riding OUTSIDE in unpredictable PNW weather, stopping for too long to take photos, getting chills to the bone, and then overheating. Clammy hands from my wet gloves and wet + freezing toes because I was too lazy to put on booties.

Cycling outdoors is so uncomfortable but that’s what makes it so magical.

That’s what builds grit + resilience + a mindset of iron. No matter what kind of discomfort we are in, the reward and the feeling we got from cycling is Indescribable. We keep on crawling back for more.

Trust me, nothing grows in your comfort zone.

If you know, you know! Let’s just say: WE NEVER REGRET A BIKE RIDE!! 💯

Her name is Joie, and she brings me so much joy.
The Perfect Time To Ride My Bicycle

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