Take a Risk, Live a Meaningful Life

Let’s say…

You don’t ride a bicycle because you are scared of traffic.
It’s too dangerous, you tell yourself.
Everyone reminds you the same thing… and you listen to them.

So like the millions of unfortunate people who never take risks,
you sit in a metal box for an hour a day commuting to and from work,
where you may end up sitting for 8 hours in front your computer,
AND I bet your diet isn’t something to be talked about either.

You find your health declining.
You are afraid to step on the scale.
Your confidence is slowly melting away.
You are unhappy with yourself.
You are unhappy with your life.

All because you were too scared to take a risk.

Cycling is not the only answer but it is an example of how one little change can make a significant impact in your life. Our minds are programmed for instant gratification— we rarely consider long-term benefits, instead, settling into the norm because it’s comfortable.

But guess what? Change and discomfort are the two ingredients that are going to take you to make your life more meaningful and exciting.

The first thing you have to do is will yourself to take a risk.

It’s not going to be easy because it’s not supposed to be easy, otherwise everyone will be doing it. If it was easy, everyone will be living happy, rich and fulfilled lives— which is untrue because the majority of the population are living mediocre lives, and doing the same thing every day.

Although, I am very aware that a lot of people are happy in that particular moment in their lives, and there is nothing wrong with that. Happiness is subjective and the definition is different for everyone. It changes as you journey through life, and changes as your perspective change. Change is healthy. It’s called growing.

The past 8 years, I always thought I had the perfect life: a good, and well-paying career that had me excited to wake up every morning to go to work (while everyone around me was complaining they “didn’t want to go to work tomorrow”), hobbies that kept my life exciting and also which benefitted my health, amazing friends, a good boyfriend… but as life ebbed and flowed, I realized that my worldview was slowly changing. I woke up one day realizing what a big world we live in,and how much I have not experience. Don’t get me wrong, I loved my life and was extremely happy, but I was greedy for more than what I had.

I was hungry for a revolution.

When that time comes, you must surrender to your will and embrace that call for change. If you hold back and refuse to take risks, you will continue to dig yourself deeper, in a hole of dissatisfaction. So after all these years of living in a wonderful state of mind, I had an epiphany one day as I was riding my bike to work— that moment of clarity made me realize I was finally ready to break out of my routine. Life was getting a little too comfortable, and I decided that I want to live an interesting life.

Luckily my revolution has begun.

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