The #1 Pillar in Life: Spirituality

I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind.

I am not religious.
I do not believe in god.
However, I do believe that each of us is our own god.

Life is what YOU make of it.

I don’t rely on a deity to make my day good.
Nor do I blame one when something goes wrong.
I don’t pray for things to happen; I make them happen.

I hold myself accountable for my own life.

My faith is in myself.

I strive to experience the world through what my eyes see.
I am observant, noticing everything around me.
I am mindful of everyone and everything.
I am understanding of everyone’s opinions.
I am compassionate, digging for rooted truths.
I am insightful, asking deeper questions.
I respect that everyone has had completely different experiences in life.

I am the person I am today due to MY past experiences and decisions.
Everyone is the person they are today due to THEIR past experiences and decisions.

We are constantly interacting with other people, with nature, with technology…
We are all connected.
To each other. 
To the universe.
United, we are all one.

Spirituality is essentially the search for connectedness, meaning, purpose, and contribution.

I know but one freedom and that is the freedom of the mind.

Everything you see, touch, do, say, and feel will affect something or someone around us.
Be aware that gestures or words you think are insignificant may affect someone greatly.
That’s how you suddenly feel so connected to the universe.
That’s how you develop a deeper sense of meaning.
That’s how you develop compassion.

That’s how you strengthen your mental well-being.

If you aren’t strong mentally, you won’t be able to deal with what life may throw at you.
Surface-level activities will drag you down to your demons.
You won’t be able to comprehend hidden meanings…
read between the lines
… clouded by brain fog and negativity.

You strengthen your psych with knowledge.
By asking questions and understanding.
You learn to not allow external sources to dictate your emotions.
Because you realize it all comes from within.

When you begin to develop a philosophical approach to life,
positive attitudes, compassion, and gratitude will flourish.

You will realize how amazing it is to be alive.
… how rare it is that we were even given this opportunity to live and breathe.

Your psychological wealth will increase immeasurably.
You will gain new perspectives.
You will unearth clarity.
You will secure hope.

The world is constantly changing, so we must be constantly growing.
If you aren’t adaptable, you will be left behind.

I grow by continuously questioning myself and questioning life.

I am on a never-ending quest for self-growth.

Because I know happiness first comes from within.
My path should not fall under the influence of others and society.
My world is only what I perceive of it.

Happiness first comes from within. It is natural for happiness to ebb and flow with life but …the world is what you make of it.

Spirituality: “The intrinsic human capacity for self-transcendence, in which the self is embedded in something greater than the self, including the sacred.”

It doesn’t matter where you find YOUR spirituality.
You may find it through religion, meditation, yoga, or through yourself.
But find it.

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