Sweating Away The Stress

Sweating Away The Stress

I like to say a good and hard workout is the answer to everything and sweating it away it the best way to deal with stress. Whenever I am stressed out at work, which seems to be everyday lately, I would run away to the gym, throw on my headphones and spin it away or if I have my roadbike there, I’d take it out and do a bunch of hill repeats. Cycling is my favorite form of exercise but of course, weightlifting, wall balls, burpees and everything else is still on my gym therapy list.

Another great reason on WHY you should workout and I swear it works. And another reason to push yourself to do more intense workouts because the more intense your workouts are, the more you have to focus which will definitely take your mind away from all the stress.

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How do you deal with stress?

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