Things I Can’t Live Without

I would use to get stressed out because I could only roll at the gym (where there is only ONE good roller) but now I can enjoy that pain in the comfort of my own home.

Foam Roller

One of the best things I’ve ever done was buy a foam roller which I keep conveniently in my livingroom. I roll every morning, every night, when I’m watching Netflix, all day, everyday… and it feels. So. Good. Foam rolling is self-myofascial release a.k.a. self-deep-massage to loosen up and provide relief to knots that form in your muscles… which hurts like hell but it’s pain you can’t live without.

Magic Bullet

Unlike most people, my Magic Bullet hasn’t died on me yet despite constant use (crosses fingers). Like everyone else, I contemplated getting a Vitamix (and a juicer) but decided that I’m extremely happy with my Magic Bullet, mainly due to its convenience and the fact that there are less dishes to wash. I love being able to blend my shakes and then taking the cup to go with me. Plus I hate cooking anyway so I don’t think a Vitamix would ever live up to its value in my household. My memories consist of hating the blender at my parent’s house back in the day because I’d have to wash that huge thing after every use so Magic Bullet it is.

Our bikes live with us in our cozy apartment and I wouldn’t have it any other way. One of my requirements when apartment hunting was that I’d be allowed to bring my bike up (and NOT kept in a bike locker). I actually want to hang it up in my bedroom right in front of my bed but for some reason, Boyfriend is against it. I think he’s jealous.


My roadbike is my bae. Along with my workout gear, those are my posessions that have totally proven their value… and they better because performance gear is so expensive. My baby is actually at Boyfriend’s house right now in Burnaby and I haven’t been able to get her in a week and I seriously think about her everyday. Plus I just bought and brand new wall mount for her so I can hang her up smack in the middle of my apartment and she’s not here. Wah. Life has never been so empty.


Gmail, drive, calendar, maps, search, Google, Google, GOOGLE!!! Enough said. If Google ever dies, I would probably die along with it. There was one time Google went down and all you can hear is my sister and I frantically screaming, “omigod!! Google is down!!!”


Although I’m not a huge fan of cooking (I would rather eat), Norwex makes me enjoy cleaning. Norwex are microfiber cleaning cloths that don’t require any chemical cleaners at all which is great because I’m also trying to rid my apartment with as many chemicals as possible). They are embedded with micro-silver that kills all the bacteria caught in the cloth and they make cleaning so much faster and easier. Plus I can’t imagine using a regular dish cloth without laundering it after every single use (and that’s not practical at all). Norwex is a lifesaver!!

What can’t you live without?

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