Things I Loved This Week #4


Fun things

  • Here’s a Googler who prefers to live out of his van on campus. If you are skilled enough to work for google, you definitely deserve all the amenities tech giants provide. That’s the one thing I miss about working in tech!


  • [Mindset Mentor] How to Master Communication – LUV (listen to give space and reflection, understand with verbal + nonverbal cues, validate to make them feel understood). One of my biggest fears / anxiety is having a partner that does not know how to communicate or make an effort to learn. I realized I was living in a chronic state of anxiety in my last relationship because my partner had no idea how to communicate, and never made an effort to do the personal development so I never felt heard or understood. It is extremely important as human beings to have a safe space to communicate your needs and emotions.
  • [Bulletproof Radio] Be Your Own Hero: Take Risks, Face Your Fears and Choose Courage – This is super insightful conversation about transforming spear into courage. Listen out for the blurb about how a lot of new science is shut down because it’s an ego deflator for scientists + organizations when their studies are proven wrong. Unfortunately happens in all types of businesses.
  • [Huberman Lab] Nutrients For Brain Health & Performance – Lots of interesting facts including how and why we prefer certain foods and signals that drive our food choices, including one from the gut that is entirely subconscious! If we understand all these signals, we can truly train our minds to eat healthier foods. I’ve successfully changed my taste buds to desire food that is ‘better’ for me and you can too!
  • [Lex Fridman] Brian Greene: Quantum Gravity, Big Bang, Aliens, Life, Death, and Meaning – Nerding out on things science + space. Brian Greene is a theoretical physicist. I love listening to podcasts like this while I’m cooking!
  • [Nourish Balance Thrive] Living Ancestral Health: Diet, Cohousing and Unschooling – Unconventional ways of living including schooling your children outdoors. After so much traveling and seeing so many different lifestyles with my own eyes, I’m all about the unconventional because I have no desire being a part of the rat-race.
  • [Primal Kitchen Podcast] The Link Between Female Health & Fasting with Dr. Mindy Pelz – Most fasting information out there are generalized but the bodies of men and women hugely differ! If you are a woman who is just delving into fasting, please educate yourself about fasting specifically for women.


Personal Updates

  • I rode my bike for the first time in weeks since my last mishap- it was only a 12 minute commute across downtown and my shoulder was so sore. Three more acupuncture appointments this week, I know I’ll be back on two-wheelz again!
  • I do NOT like working out indoors if I can help it but I finally put my bike back on the trainer for the winter season. I loveee fall and winter cycling however I need to stay disciplined and limit my hours on the bike (leaning forward) to not aggravate my neck and shoulders.
  • FTP tests really scare me… but if they don’t, then it’s not worth doing!
  • Not sure if it was a good idea to do a FTP test after 3 weeks without exercise (only light weights + walks) and two days of partying but a baseline must be set. 🤔
dumplings + XLB + marinated tripe | Cantonese steamed fish with bok choy
dinner at Moltaqa | crab cakes | grocery haul | Portuguese egg tarts

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