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Another year gone by and another year I almost disappeared from this blog due to an extremely time-consuming obsession; also known as cycling, and too much globetrotting. I was in Europe for seven weeks, Asia for seven weeks and had another amazing year of health, fitness, self-discovery, realization and learnings— it was definitely a dramatic life-changing year for me. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Favorite Posts of 2014:

  1. Cycling can make you feel so alive.
  2. Being healthy means taking care of your body. Have you been incorporating stretching into your routine?
  3. I was able to go on a trip of a life time … while being paid too!
  4. I loved the ‘Ways to be Flawless‘ article I found on Thought Catalog.
  5. Some of the many lessons I learned from fitness.
  6. I went through another annual Bikram’s Yoga phase. If it was cheaper and the studio near my apartment was still opened, I would still be going regularly but convenience is a huge factor when this isn’t an activity I’m obsessed with.
  7. I discovered the benefits of mindfulness and it became a central focus in my daily life.
  8. I still haven’t written about many of my adventures in 2014, but I did leave part of my heart in the Austrian alps.
  9. I became the owner of a beautiful carbon dream-machine.
  10. I am really in love with the entire process of health and fitness.
  11. Cycling ruined my life …but in a good way.
  12. I killed Mount Baker this year, compared to my super-fail first time in 2013.
  13. I finally rode from Vancouver to Whistler and back (twice) and learned so much about cycling and nutrition on those rides.
  14. Cold-weather cycling is finally amongst us and I couldn’t be anymore excited!
  15. I rode the crap out of many of my favorite routes and never got bored of them.
  16. Then I went on a two month bike diet, just as I did the year before.
  17. Have you figured out how to be a happier you?

Happy new year!


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