3 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

3 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

The concept of manifestation sounds extremely woohoo. If you mentioned this to me in 2010, I would’ve thought you were crazy. Now, I sincerely apologize!!

Being a lover of science growing up, and always curious about how things worked, it took me a while to grasp all these concepts. 

In my teenage years and early 20’s, I suffered from an identity crisis because I was always confused about my super analytics and detail-oriented side, versus my crazy, wild, and creative side. I had equal parts of both, and it made me feel like an outcast before I started the innerwork and began to understand and accept myself.

For example, when I was working in video games for 10 years in my first career, I was never the best artist even though I loved LOVED design. Funny enough, I’m the only person in my family that can’t draw but we all have an eye for design and creative direction.

I was also enamored with coding (aka building) but I could NEVER be a software engineer because just to be an engineer without art seemed mundane. It agonized me as I couldn’t understand why I was always in the middle, and couldn’t (…or didn’t want to at that time?) be an ‘expert’ in either role. I had a good eye for design and was good at what I did but I saw my colleagues operating at another level with their depth and passion.

Of course, I was also very young and didn’t realize the opportunities, and my industry was just in the middle of an evolution.


When I began doing deep work in 2014, and dove into the world exploring the power of the mind, and quantum theory, I never took a step back.

Everything became clearer and clearer to me over the years, and now I feel an innate understanding and connectedness to the universe. The world opened up to me, and now I truly see and feel the endless possibilities in this enigmatic universe because we truly create what’s in front of us.

For me, that includes the role I can create for myself in order to fulfill my passions, and give back.

One of the lessons learned in Viktor Frankl’s revolutionary book, Man’s Search for Meaning, living a happy and fulfilled life requires purpose. For me to finally have some clarity on why I am the way I am in relation to my external world is leading me closer to where I need to go.

If you are going down this path or have done so already, you will understand.

If you switch your outlook in life and realize that there is more to the world than what is physically in front of us, endless possibilities will open up to you.

Your mind has the capability to reorganize pathways, create new connections (neuroplasticity) — if you open up yourself to even the possibility of these experiences, you are going to notice them more, and extraordinary phenomena may begin to happen to you. A snowball effect will entail, and soon you’re going to experience a crazy, wild, and EXCITING ride we call life.

Are you confused?

Don’t worry, I was too! Just think of this as planting a seed in your mind. Keep on exploring, and as you go deeper, you will eventually see the answers.

Trust the process.


Here are the 3 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams:

1. Clarity

You must be clear on what the outcome of your desires will look like, and a good way to achieve clarity is visualization. Your brain can’t tell what is real and what is your imagination.

Can you imagine the power in that?

That’s why visualization, journaling, and mood boards work— they turn your thoughts, goals, and dreams into reality by giving you enough clarity to create momentum.

2. Faith

If you don’t truly believe in yourself, you will never achieve your dreams. Any bit of self doubt will hinder your progress, and even though it is natural to have obstacles, you must train your mind to continuously overcome them. It gets easier every time.

When I am going through a tough time or have self-doubts, I always say to myself: “trust the process” because I know I got to where I am today simply by consistency, hard work, and discipline. I just need to continue with a formula of what I know works for me. I have absolute faith in myself and I NEVER tell myself “I can’t.” Those words simply don’t exist in my vocabulary. It’s a mindset thing!

3. Action

If you can’t grasp the concept of manifestation sounds, try to reframe it as a state of mind, and a way of doing. The first two steps are the secret: CLARITY and FAITH is what is going to keep that momentum going to drive you to take radical ACTION towards your dreams.

3 Steps to Manifest Your Dreams

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