Things I Loved This Week #6

Things I Loved This Week #6

Habits I am Working on:

  • Eating my largest meal during the day. I LOVE dinner time but I learned our digestion works better during the day (lunch) simply because of our interal circadian clock. I’m usually not hungry during the until mid-afternoon so now I need to essentially retrain my brain to get hungry mid-day.
  • No food 3 hours before sleep. I always knew eating before bed means your digestive system needs to work in overdrive, stealing from your quality sleep. I was never strict about this but due to the current state of my gut health, I’ve been trying to be super committed to this habit this month.
  • Weight-Lifting. 2-3x per week. I use to be a hardcore gym-rat and had no problems staying motivated to lift. These days life is busy and I prioritize cycling so I decided to double-down on this habit. Lean muscle is the key to longevity and a good metabolism.


  • Study: 4 second sprints every hour can offset negative effects of sitting for too long – This goes to show how adding micro-movements throughout the day can have significant effects on your wellbeing. I’m all about the micro-movements especially when it comes to stretching, mobility, and even lifting.
  • Does skipping breakfast increase the risk of an early death? – I haven’t had breakfast regularly for 10 years (only on vacation or socially). Despite trying to eat my largest meal during the day, I will never be breakfast eater but trying to turn myself into a “big lunch” eater.
  • Hormone-disrupting chemicals found in popular US fast foods – Hormone-disrupting chemicals are a colossal concern in general. it’s hard to avoid plastics and other hormone disruptors but understanding, and being aware will be your first step to living a cleaner life. Did you know that cling-wrap used to wrap your chicken breasts will transfer microplastics to the meat? We are bombarded by plastic and other toxins everywhere and it all adds up.
  • If you complain about the rain in the Pacific Northwest, just be glad you’re not on ancient Earth! But seriously, next time you complain about bad weather, remember: you can’t appreciate the good times without the bad times. I learned this while living in LA— everyone seemed to take the sun for granted. Back in Vancouver, everyone is out an about once the sun pokes out from behind out clouds…sometimes even in shorts and t-shirt in the middle of winter. I always talk about the ‘sunshine after the rain‘ and the feeling that comes with it is indescribable. I definitely need to live in a place with seasons.
  • Life expectancy varies by as much as 9.5 years across Metro Vancouver — I have so much to say about this article but you are the product of your environment. Of course, I think it is unfortunate that health is correlated to socioeconomic status, and wealthier people are more inclined to exercise + eat better because they have less financial worries. Not to mention that everyone around them is probably doing the same so they are thriving off the energy and influence. Consider this thought experiment: according to the laws of energy, energy attracts similar energy. If you want to improve your economical status, one very simple thing you can prioritize is to exercise and eat healthy. Not only does this improve your wellbeing, but you will become more confident, which I promise you will trickle into all aspects of your life including your finances. Being healthy and strong changes your brain, and makes you more resilient. So why not?
  • This Elite Cowboy College Finally Let Women In – I’m really into learning about unconventional lifestyles.


  • [Huberman Lab] Using Your Nervous System to Enhance Your Immune System – I look forward to new episodes every week! Dr. Huberman explains the connection between the adaptive & innate immune systems and nervous system, importance of having a healthy microbiome and immunity, lymphatic system drainage (I mentioned this last week!). I love how he also touchbases on how older healing techniques that have been around for centuries, such as acupuncture, breathwork, and meditation is starting to converge with modern science + medicine.
  • [The Genius Life] How to Prevent and Treat Autoimmune Disease, Plus Why Lean People Should Never Fast – Fascinating discussion on all things wellness, lifestyle, fasting.
  • [Be Well By Kelly] Designing An Optimal Fasting Approach with Dr. Mindy Pelz – Speaking of fasting, it is so important for women to create their wellness routine based off our menstrual cycles to improve metabolic flexibility and hormonal health. If you want to learn more about your menstrual cycle, In the Flo, is a must-read for all women.
  • [Ben Greenfield Fitness] Interview with Jay Shetty (Blue Zones, Physical, Emotional, & Mental Presence, Body, Mind & Spirit Fitness, Discipline, Potent Tips For Changing Habits) – You can look fit and healthy on the outside but you can do dying on the inside. Love the reminders on going outside and grounding yourself to the earth, habit stacking, microworkouts, and setting up your environment for success. Wellness isn’t just about lifting heavy at the gym or running fast but taking care of your mental and spiritual health and living in a non-toxic environment, as well as understanding your cellular processes.
  • [The Doctor’s Farmacy] 5 Signs You’re Not Healthy And How To Fix It – This is all ‘mainstream content’ if you have been in this space for a long time but a must-listen for those new to holistic healing! But remember, healing requires a balance of modern medicine + traditional healing methods.
  • [The Primal Kitchen] Vegan-Turned-Omnivore Yovana Talks Fertility & Internet Fame – Yovana was a prominant vegan influencer who got caught eating fish, the extreme vegans went batshit crazy, began the cyber-bullying, and I sat back to watch the drama unfold! Just kidding. I felt terrible when it happened but I’m so happy to see where she is today. I am against conforming to any extreme “diets and lifestyles” and locking in your online reputation so your finances and health could be affected. Truth is, veganism is not for many people, and it’s scary to see so many ‘influencers’ damage their wellbeing because they have an image to maintain so they don’t lose followers. Just because people look “healthy” on the outside, doesn’t mean they are on the inside. I am all for promoting balanced lifestyles.


  • “If you ever think you’re stupid I just found out that the plant I’ve been watering for three months is fake”@ParikPatelCFA
  • Stop killing yourself over a job that will replace you in 30 minutes if you left.”@AlpacaAurelius
  • “People are the root of the issue, not money. A temporary increase in money will do nothing.”@VogelaarVincent
  • A bidet, the most underrated item ever. Men, it will change your life, you feel cleaner and much more efficient than toilet paper. Women know this”@Gato_Tran
  • “The type of person you choose to love is a great example of where you are in your healing journey.”@turtlebreezee – Your external world is a reflection of your internal world.
  • thread on a death of a covid denier and flat-earth conspiracy theorist by @DrEricDing – it’s tragic that we laugh at his death because he obviously had mental health issues.

Personal Updates

  • Neck + shoulder pain is subsiding but I’m so scared of going back to square one so I am being super careful with my activities.
  • I only take group fitness classes as a social thing because they are usually too short, and don’t find the intervals intense enough. If you were subscribed to my fitness journal way back in the day, you would know!! However I don’t have legs to do what I use to do because I choose to save them for cycling!
  • I finally began cupping with acupuncture because I didn’t want marks on my back during the summer and my birthday month.
  • Finalizing details to return to eternal sunshine!
happy to be back on two-wheelz!
Birthday cake is my favorite flavour because the theme of my life is: birthday everyday!

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