20 More Reasons to Love Cycling

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My friend and I were riding a few weekends ago and we came to a profound realization:

Cycling makes us nicer people … when we are not riding!!

When you are doing 6+ hour rides, conversations subject around the most random of topics ranging from stupid things we’ve seen, shit other cyclists do that we can’t stand, pointing out the gazillions of pedestrians that don’t look when they cross a street, exchanging stories of when we last got bitched out by a bitter old woman in a car, complaining about how tired/hungry/sore we are… it’s an endless tirade of passionately insightful observations of everyday life.

Okay, we’re not always mean and bitter on the bike… we talk about positive and happy things too such as sunshine, rainbows and our newest cycling-related purchases but riding is definitely one of the best stress-relievers because we get to let everything out… and then when we get off the bike, we feel completely at peace and continue on with our happy lives. Maybe that’s why cyclists are always so happy.

Here are more reasons to love cycling:

  • The overwhelming feelings of freedom, power and happiness.
  • You learn to be very observant about the world around you and develop a deeper insight on life.
  • You get to know your fellow cyclists really, really well when spending the entire day with them.
  • The magical moments such as catching a sunrise.
  • The joy of carving corners.
  • Counting down the miles.
  • A refreshing ride in the rain.
  • An empty road all to yourself.
  • The bittersweet feeling of riding home as the sky begins to darken after being out on your bike since the morning.
  • Cycling is low impact so you can ride everyday.
  • When you somehow lose your balance while clipped in with one foot (#ThingsThatOnlyHappenToMe) but you manage to not fall.
  • Not having to pay for gas— we do pay for fuel… but in the form of food! Including cakes and poutine!
  • Being only a couple of kilometers from home after a mentally challenging ride and knowing you overcame it.
  • A cold chocolate milk or slurpee to fuel you during a 250km ride on a sizzling hot summer day.
  • Eating while on the bike when you are just starving for an extra energy boost.
  • Riding into a headwind and absolutely killing it. It’s all in your head… not really, but you know.
  • Knowing once the light turns green, you are free to spin away from any awkward conversations with random cyclists.
  • Knowing you burnt 2000 calories before you even got into the office (on those “extended morning commutes”), yet it didn’t feel like a workout at all. Or burning an extra 500 calories per day just by riding your bike straight to and from work… and not having to spend time at the gym on a cardio machine. Outside is free!
  • Feeling drained after a long ride but you knew it was from a day of hard work and perseverance.
Sunrise in Vancouver | I Fucking Love Fitness
One of the many sunrises I’ve caught along Marine Drive in West Vancouver.
Cycling demands your mind, body and soul so it makes you so strong in every way: physically, psychologically and spiritually.
cycling + twentyfourcarat.net // cycling is the closest To Flying

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