More Reasons to Love Cycling

I love cycling and the reasons are endless! Here are a few more feel-good moments on the bike:

  • When the skies suddenly open up and the sun comes out of hiding, on what was forecasted to be a cloudy day.
  • When you get to a light that turns green right before you are about to clip out of your pedals.
  • Long solo rides. The introvert in me appreciates them so much.
  • Small group rides or with a good friend. Random chit chats and observations of every day life can be so much fun… but not too much fun when you are trying to carry on a conversation while going up at 20% grade hill.
  • Mental toughness. It will help you in every aspect of life.
Cycling Selfie | I Fucking Love Fitness
When you are taking a selfie on the side of the road and a cyclist stops and offers to take a photo for you! I learned that while traveling around Europe last year— take a ton of selfies until someone offers (for those who lacks a selfie-stick). Harharhar.
  • Seeing the thousands of calories you burnt after your ride. I still get amazed by how much is burnt and can be eaten back after a single ride (the hard part)! Cycling is the perfect sport for those with piggy-problems a.ka. moi.
  • Shooting pure organic raw honey from a flask to power up those hills on the super long, epic summer rides. That’s the only excuse I have to consume something so delicious.
  • A guilt-free slurpee or carton of chocolate milk mid-ride on a sweltering hot summer day. OMIGAWDDD.
  • Going to bed excited because you know you’ll be out and about on your bike in the morning.
  • Jumping out of bed at 5am knowing you never regret a morning ride.
  • Cruising by traffic jams during rush hour.
  • Seeing so many fellow cyclists riding in below freezing temperatures, in the rain, in the fog, in the evenings… everyone complains that the bike lanes are empty 9 months out of the year in Vancouver but they are all liars.
  • Getting to bypass the vehicles and even the pedestrians at the Canadian border. No questions asked when you come back even when they see all the new goodies stuffed into your jersey pockets when we pick up our packages at our US mailbox at Point Roberts. You have no idea how much can fit into jersey pockets!!
  • When you stop and take in those sweeping panoramic views. I make more of an effort to do this now because I always feel so blessed when I’m out riding. Sometimes that feeling is extremely overwhelming— in a good way and makes you feel grateful for everything you have.
  • Catching a sunrise or a sunset on your bike. You can never get sick of them.
  • The undeniable feeling of being so free.

That unexplainable feeling you get when out on your bike… oh wait, I think it’s called happiness.

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