7 Signs You are Leveling

7 Signs You Are Leveling

1. you don’t care what anybody thinks.

I’ve always intended to live unapologetically. In high school, I use to think I was a psychopath because I never cared what anyone thought of me but that was just a label I didn’t understand then because I knew I was compassionate. You simply get to places faster if you have the perfect balance of compassion, and do not care what anyone thinks.

2. you trust and listen to your intuition.

Once you mute that neverending, constant chatter in your mind, you will learn to hear your listen and feel your intuition. Hence the importance of meditation, mindfulness, flow states, nature therapy, and downtime. Life is so beautiful to me because I’ve experienced and seen many things happen just by putting in the effort to be more intuitive.

3. you are following your passions.

The secret to happiness is being fulfilled.

4. you dream big and are not afraid to fail.

I grew up with very middle-class immigrant parents who weren’t entrepreneurs. They never taught me how to take big risks however I always had an extremely self-driven personality and an entrepreneurial mindset growing up. I had to find mentors to nurture that side of me and they taught me how to dream big and take risks. If you want to make money, you need to spend money.

5. you are completely fine with being alone.

Always complete yourself first and do not expect anyone you meet to complete you. That is always a recipe for disaster!

6. you know exactly who you want to be

You don’t need to know exactly what you want because what you want may change as you go through more experiences but you should have a clear idea of the person you want to become.

7. you love yourself first

I’ve been committed to daily self-care for a very long time now and this is the single most important thing you need to know to optimize your wellness.

7 Signs You Are Leveling

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