Things I Loved This Week #8

Random cyclists at English Bay on a sunny Monyay

Quote of the Week

If you want to know a man look at his habits.

From fire to ‘atmospheric river’: Why B.C. is trapped in a world of climate extremes.

A Note on Climate Change

We’ve been having extremely devastating weather the past year. Last week, an atmospheric river washed out all the main highways that connected Vancouver to the rest of Canada… with tens of thousands of people displaced, and thousands of pets and livestock dead. How can this not break your heart? We can’t even comprehend the sheer damage from the latest storm considering Vancouver has the largest port in Canada, and another storm system is scheduled to roll in.

The Sumas dikes were predicted to fail years ago but nobody acted on it because no one believes effects of climate change would actually happen so close to home. This is what happens when arrogant humanbeings thinks we are above Mother Nature, and all of her universal intelligence.

This is obviously a wake up call– especially for all of us who are so “privileged” and oblivious to what is happening to our neighbours. We all need to begin questioning our negative impact on Mother Nature, and the consequences. This is happening in the interior, but do you think we are safe here in Vancouver if we continue with our ways, and not do anything about it? “Quantum leaps takes baby steps.”


  • What I Learned Spending a Week in Total Darkness
  • The Croissant Diet – This is old but something I am so into! If you know me, you know I fucking love croissants. Please excuse my, French but they are so fucking decadent, and warms by soul!
  • Scientists mystified, wary, as Africa avoids COVID disaster – Is it because Africans may not be as sedentary? They spend more time outdoors? Amount of sunlight they receive? They emphasize family and connections? Average age? High resilience due to have have to deal with more epidemics than wealthier countries? Lack of ‘fear’ leading to lowering anxiety and stress, which weakens the immune system. This article suggested that malaria “blunted” the tendency of people’s immune systems to go into overdrive when they are infected with COVID-19. I think this is a combination of all lifestyle factors. It’s already common knowledge that over-sanitizing, and spending too much time cooped up indoors without sunlight exposure is detrimental to your health, and lowers your immunity and resilience.
  • Does parenting determine your child’s development?“Parents are the most consistent people with whom children spend their time. In short, all signs point to the idea that parents play a crucial role in child personality development, but is that really the case?” Very fascinating study. I don’t think people spend enough time ‘learning’ how to raise children with psychology and biology in mind. We go to school to study for jobs but rarely do people “study” to optimize their brains, health, relationships, and parenting.
  • It’s official: Science says grannies are good for you! – I love my grandma and am so grateful to have been raised by her! I also learned this year that our personalities, traits, and even genetics are usually more similar to those of your grandparents than parents. It kind of makes sense because of the attachment theory and how we usually chase things we didn’t receive from our parents growing up.
  • Adult Attachment Theory and Research – Speaking of attachment theory, I just came across this interesting article on adult attachment theory in intimate relationships.
  • Meta is building VR gloves for the metaverse.


  • Everyone is flawed, so better to be self aware and flawed than oblivious and flawed.@stephsmithio
  • Psychology says, re-reading good books and re-watching good movies multiple times over the years gives you new insight into them.ThinkingDeep__
  • Some day historians and psychologists will study how we convinced people that fake meat with 15+ ingredients made in a factory is better for you than a cow that survives off of grass, rain water and sun.@AlpacaAurelius
  • What in the world is this man training for that he couldn’t take a day off biking the seawall 🥴 Casually gets hit by massive waves and almost a barge. No fucks – @holly_spence95 –> click here to watch the video!

Personal Updates

  • I’m back to riding almost everyday this week. I ride not because I have to but it’s MY time for myself. If you have something you have indescribable passion for, you’ll know! I just have to make sure to be superrr mindful of my posture, warm up, stretching, and rolling after. We’ve also been getting some really pretty breaks in between our crazy weather. Yay!

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