Happiness Tip: Live in a Constant State of Awe

Kate @ Alp d'Huez, 2018

MAKE THE WORLD YOUR OYSTER BY LIVING IN A STATE OF AWE. Make time to marvel at everythinggg.

If you hang out with me, you have to know I’m literally like an over-excited child… but in a bandage dress, Valentino’s, Chanel, occasionally swears, and can drink a lot.

A friend calls me, Squirrel, because I’m that annoying person that will interrupt a conversation and squeal, “omg a rainbow!! Omg a dog!! Omg a croissant!!”

But guess what? I have zero shame and I still do it everyday. Everything in life fucking excites me soooo much. 😬

Cycling on the Sea to Sky
I love cycling SO much because my bike takes my on adventures to seemingly far far away lands (on foot). I earn all my views (unlike being in a car). This makes me a million times grateful and appreciate even the tiniest thing. If you are persistent with cultivating gratitude, it will come naturally and I promise, you life will be transformed!

My world stops when I get “awed out” because I MAKE TIME to be grateful at the most insignificant things. I realized that I started doing this a lot because I remember so many moments riding my bike where I am simply stunned by the magnificent of Mother Nature and I have been immersed in total oneness. I can’t explain it– but if you’ve ever felt it, imagine feeling it over and over… you will realize the power of this feeling and what it can do for your soul. 🙏

I hate being around people with no passion in life. It is so draining to be around people who doesn’t seem to show excitement for anything. I love being around people who just gets excited and shows it. That’s the type of energy that I love to ride. ⚡⚡⚡


I lasted so long in my first career and I woke up every day freaking EXCITED to go to begin my routine and go to work because everybody around me was so PASSIONATE about our project. I got to say that every day since I was 20 years old while everyone was bitching and complaining about their life. 😥

Passion has always been so important to me and I wish everybody can experience this. Nobody should ever go through life hating what they do!!

Sunset @ English Bay, Vancouver, 2021
I LIVE for sunsets, sunrises, and everythinggggg in between. My phone is littered with pictures like this.

1. If you don’t know what your passions are right now, start with #THELITTLETHINGS:

A cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Sitting on a bench in the sun. Turning on the fireplace on a chilly day. Waking up and seeing the sun shine ferociously through your window. I probably list a million tiny little things that make me sooo happy. The first bite of a slice of pizza. Snuggling under freshly washed duvet covers.

That’s my secret to being happy. My life is not perfect but I seriously BLISSED OUT 90% of the time (I need to credit #ECSTASIS AKA #FLOWSTATE).

When I’m not, I feel as if I can navigate all of life’s ups and downs quite effortlessly simply because of my outlook in life. We are all human and it’s not normal to be happy all the time hence the importance of cultivating an exceptional mindset and extreme awareness.

You probably heard this a million times but start journalling your gratitudes everyyy fucking day. It is sooo simple but IT WORKS. That’s why you’ve probably heard it a million times.

Summer picnics.
On this day, one thing I wrote I was grate for were these LOBSTER ROLLS. It can be as simple as that!

2. The next step is to feel and live as if you are already living in your desired future.

Think about what that feeling will be when you finally reach your goal, and amplify those emotions every day as if it already happened. It sounds woohoo but it really works.

3. My third tip is consistency + persistency.

Amplify those emotions while taking action and working towards your goals every single day.

That’s how you make that journey a fucking amazing one.

I have never known about the laws of attraction up until the last couple of years but I somehow lived my entire life that way. If only people learn to do this when they were little… there could be much less suffering in the world.

I rode that wave of bliss and kept on pushing it and pushing it until last summer when I finally burnt out and my entire body just shut down. It goes to show how resilient your body is because it can take a long beating from chronic stress and inflammation for it to get to a point when we realize we need to make changes. Many of us live with low-grade inflammation because we never deal with our stress as we should. That’s why chronic and autoimmune diseases may take years to show up.

This is the universe reminding you that life cannot be all rainbows and unicorns.

But because I’ve already done all my personal development, inner work, and cemented many good habits throughout my entire 20’s, I was able to pull myself out of the burnout– and even though that journey seemed to really dark and painful, it was actually a lot of fun at the same time because of the waves of ups and downs. Instead of the venting over it, I just decided to have fun while healing and that I did!

Have you started your personal development? Do you journal? Do you practice daily gratitude? If not, I promise you are missing out.

Kate @ Alp d'Huez, 2018
Alp d’Huez, France | August 2018

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