Things I Loved This Week #1

I began this blog way back in 2005 and it had evolved as my interests and passions have evolved. Fashion, make up, everything in between– and I finally settled on wellness. I even consistently kept a daily WOD + food journal on here for 3 years but too bad it’s all gone now! I remember losing a lot of readers and receiving hate mail (lol, internet) when I made this switch to fitness in 2009 but I also noticed a lot of those people also began living a healthy lifestyle soon afterwards (IP addresses and social media 👻).

That was when I began to understand the power of PLANTING SEEDS.

Most of my entries are gone now due to a database backup mishap and me being too lazy to fix it, but I relaunched my blog recently because I love the idea of planting seeds or ideas in people’s heads. I’ve had a lot of very interesting conversations in the past few years and I learned that everything you say to people will be subconsciously implanted into their minds, and they may integrate those ideas into their lives later on. I have seen many people transform over the years. This is why I am so conscious of ALL media I consume from news to even music lyrics.

For the last 13 years or so, I’ve pretty much spent all my free time learning about my body, nutrition, and psychology when I’m not riding my bike or downing scotch. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than living a well-rounded, balanced lifestyle! When I am in control of my own wellbeing, I feel incontrol of my entire life. At least i took my control issues and put it good use! I consciously consume a lottt of great content weekly and I will begin my weekly round-ups again.

Here is a summary of this week:


  • There is nothing I appreciate more than EFFORT! Some people get lazy, forgetting there is so much competition in the world. Just like in career and fitness, nothing worthwhile comes easy. One of my love languages is “acts of service”- as in performing the little things for your significant other like making a cup of coffee every morning or remembering what their favourite chocolate bar flavours are. It’s all in the details!
  • I can never be with someone who doesn’t exercise or prioritizes their health (mental, physical, and spiritual).
  • There are 2 types of people. I will use the analogy with the Grouse Grind- they either run towards the mountain or run away from it. I always want to surround myself with people who will always run towards a mountain and gets EXCITED ABOUT IT. I always think about this when I’m climbing on my bike— I wish more people would be more appreciative of mountains and doing hard things. When you reframe hard things as challenges to level the fuck up, all aspects of your life will improve. Trust!
A quote I came across that I HAD to forward to many of my friends. I know so many people who deserve so much more. I feel as if I usually get what I want in my life *in that moment* because I always ask for what I want— the problem is that what you may want in that particular moment may not be the best for you in the long term… but everything in life is there for a reason or a season!

News & Articles:

  • Athletes: Fit but Unhealthy? – I ranted about this in 2013 about the fitness industry selling the ideas of 6-packs and toned bodies as “healthy” but in reality I saw otherwise. I see people in bikini comps or body building competitions with mood disorders, “influencers” with eating disorders, people addicted to working out to run away from dealing with past traumas. I am not judging anyone but it is a sad reality we live in and social media isn’t helping. I may post pictures of myself but if you have been following me for a while, you know I advocate a BALANCED, non-extreme philosophy when it comes to fitness. This is one reason why I took a hiatus on blogging and leveraging social media to become an “influencer” because I chose to live in the real world instead. I could probably have well over 100k followers by now seeing how this blog grew pre-social era but I don’t regret it at all! It could be really dangerous to your mental health if your persona is tied to a dogma because you can get stuck, not being able to transition because suddenly your brand is tied to your finances and reputation. Over the years, I’ve even seen some of my favorite well-respected doctors go downhill because of arguments and disagreements in their post comments. What about all those vegan influencers who sacrificed their health so they don’t loose followers? That stuff can really get to you! 🙁
  • Swearing makes us stronger. Thank god for my potty mouth! I also liked that old study that said people who swear are smarter. 😂 Someone once called me out on Strava because I used the f-word in the title of a ride on Strava and of course, I gave him a smartass reply …but I bet I planted a seed in his head and he swears now! 😇 Life is more fun when you’re not so uptight!
  • Extreme disruptions and why you can’t always rely “studies.” Data can always be skewed.
  • A great philosophy to reset your perspective: The Last Time Always Happens Now
  • Unrushed: How to Feel More Spaciousness in Your Day, Instead of Time Scarcity
  • Bring tampons.
  • Air-fryer chicken nuggets. Thank you to our OG paleo foodie, Michelle!

Books & Podcasts:

Favorite Tweets:

I love it when people takes notice of all the little things.

“don’t let me order food”

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