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grandma's garden
  • Happy September! Summer is NOT over yet …until we cannot cycle in shorts and tank tops anymore. Last year, I was still riding in barely nothing until mid-October. I hope this year’s season will last as long … but that also means more tanlines.
  • grandma's garden
    My grandma is almost 90 years old and tends to her garden every single day. She is so proud of it and loves showing off her giant squashes and delicious fruit trees. Her garden is awesomeness because her plants are wrapped around old extension cords and police tape. LOL.

    If I wasn’t deathly afraid of creepy crawlies, I’d get into gardening (or better yet, Boyfriend should get into gardening because I would probably kill cactus). Fresh and homegrown veggies taste so much better than the store-bought, GMO-laden stuff. I’m totally spoiled by the difference in taste with the homegrown produce… once you taste it, the other stuff just isn’t the same anymore.

  • The Whistler Gran Fondo tapering plan I wrote in my last entry is no more!! My knee started flaring up again after my ride on Saturday when we went up to Mount Seymour and the base of Grouse Mountain so I’m going to rest more… and spend even more time on foam-rolling and stretching.
  • On Tuesday, I did 1 minute sprints on the bike with compound exercises in between (kettlebell swings / high pulls / renegade rows / single-legged deads, etc). I actually got up at 6am to do the Grind, got ready and even made coffee— then I looked out the window and it was pouring. So I went back to bed.
  • The rest of my workouts this week will be low intensity and light spins.
  • I pulled a muscle on my right calf at the gym. Ugh.
  • But honestly, I’m not worried about the Gran Fondo. I’m more worried about our Mt. Baker ride the weekend after.
  • I’ve been doing way less cardio and eating a LOT more carbs the last couple of weeks and I’ve been getting so. much. leaner. Proof that cardio makes me fat! And that complex carbs are so good for you.
  • My life is being ruined by Dr. Who.
  • But I’m gladly letting Dr. Who ruin my life because by this time next month, I’ll be so busy with projects I won’t be able to breathe— and even worse, I won’t be able to workout as much! Sigh.
I’ve been eating bowl and bowls of pasta every night the past week. I was at the grocery store on the weekend and a husband was complaining to his wife about how much he hates whole wheat pasta but she insisted on it to teach her kids healthy habits. I popped up right behind them and said, “good choice!!” I love whole wheat pasta. I’ve also been shamelessly consuming many many sandwiches with lots of cheese daily (or just good old PB&J). And lots of meat! All prepared by my lovely Boyfriend, of course. I hate cooking so I am extremely grateful! Oh an a poutine just because I am a #PoutineQueen.

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