Endless Enthusiasm

endless enthusiasm

I came across this amazing blog post last night and it is just SO on point. Last year, every time I went on a bike ride, I proclaimed it was the best one ever… well because all my bike rides were simply the best. AND this year, all my rides will still each be the best rides ever! Last year, nothing failed to excite me and this year will be the same. Life is fucking wonderful and it sure is a nice feeling to be amazed at everything, no matter how many times you’ve seen or done it.

Some things that made me endlessly happy with enthusiasm in 2016:

  • My daily, monotonous bike rides to and from work (before I quit my job). I may venture off from the normal route here and there, but everyday was pretty much the same… well, same same but different. Everyday is a brand new adventure!

Every single sunny day.

hey mr. sun, i can’t get enough of you!

Rainy days. Seriously. I spent a lot of time in gorgeous weather so when I am exposed to variety, I’m still a happy girl. I’ve always said that rainy days make us appreciate sunny days so much more.

Every time I climbed a mountain on my bike. I just can’t get enough!

morning rides @ griffith's park in LA
morning rides @ griffith’s park in LA

Every time I flew back home to Vancouver.

Every time I flew to LA.

Every time I flew to a different city in the world.

Every time I ended a vacation and came home. It’s always nice to be home and be back in a routine (routines may help keep you healthy so don’t hate them nor take them for granted).

equinox west hollywood
equinox west hollywood // the first thing i usually do when I come home is either ride my bike or go to the gym. yes, a gym membership is unnecessary to stay fit but i genuinely LOVE the gym environment!

Every time I got stuck in LA traffic driving home from Santa Monica after a bike ride… because I get some relaxing alone time while sitting on the car listening to music.

Every time I peeled off my bike shorts and saw my tan lines. No matter how much I complain about it, I’m still happy because I knew it was a successful day in the California sunshine. And they give me a reason to lay out in the sun to even them out.

Every time I had the same chai tea latte and fried egg sandwiches with avocado at Pedaler’s Fork in the middle of a bike ride. Why be adventurous with a menu when you know exactly what you want? #tradition

chai tea latte @ pedalers fork
@ PF with my iced chai latte // hydration is important during bike rides!

Every time I come across stunning structures on earth. This is our future!

super tree grove // gardens by the bay, singapore
super tree grove // gardens by the bay, singapore
 endless enthusiasm

Every time I stepped outside in the sub-zero temperatures of the Aspen Mountains or in the frigid Vancouver or New York winter. That just meant I got to wear my boots and furs. And buy more boots and furs.

vancouver // december 2016

Every time I woke up and got out of bed because it’s a brand new day!

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