bikes x mcdonalds

bikes x mcdonalds

After days and days of Japanese food on my Japan Bike Tour, I have the worst confession in the world. It is a blasphemy to all foodies, fitness addicts and the health conscious…

Eight days in the ride, Jody and I decided to use a rainy day to make a 60km loop to the nearest McDonalds from our inn while the rest of the group took the day off and toured a temple. During breakfast, someone asked us why we would go to McDonald’s and Jody pointed out that it was the journey that mattered not the destination… but I really wanted to go to McDonald’s. Fuck the journey, this ride was about the destination. Hah! It became more about the journey after we satisfied our craving and took the scenic way home.

To make it worse, the first and last meal I had in Japan was McDonalds. French fries to be exact. When I landed in Narita, I checked into my hotel and walked down the street… the first thing I came by was McDonalds and the thought of french fries consumed me. 11 days and 750 kilometers later when we arrived back in Narita, I checked into the same hotel, walked down the street and bought some french fries and chicken nuggets. And a burger.

That is 3x more McDonalds I eat in a year at home! But then I always said that McDonalds is always okay on vacation and during epic bike rides. In fact, I had McDonalds mid-ride, a few weeks ago in mid-September when I did my biggest ride ever. I really think that McDonalds really lit the fire in my legs because I easily spun myself the last 60km home, on a segment where I usually die on. So you see, as long as you are doing epic bike rides or traveling (and not give a sh!t), then McDonalds is totally okay.

But guess what? No guilt! We worked for it!

McDonalds At the McDonalds in Nakano, Japan. Best meal evar!! I even had a donut after.

bikes x mcdonalds

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