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I chose October for my annual Bike Diet because I was babysitting my favourite dog in the world and then going on vacation for the lather half of the month. I chose to sacrifice my daily bike commute since I had to bring the dog to work with me so alas, I was commuting via the evil metal box aka driving to work everyday. The month was totally worth the sacrifice so no riding for me.

When cycle commuting is part of your daily life, it really hits you how much of a downgrade to your lifestyle it is, to sit in traffic congestion as cyclists zoom by. Wah!

Sitting in my car everyday, I found myself constantly wishing I was on my bicycle— and I’m NOT exaggerating! Every. Single. Day. Even when it was pouring rain, I knew I would rather be out in the elements than sitting in this stuffy little box. It takes less than 5 minutes to ride through downtown but over 10 minutes during rush hour just to get home. That is a significant difference when you compare the speed of a car versus a bicycle. Plus I’m burning calories, not fuel while soaking in Mother Nature and all her glory!

I am all about time optimization and this I declare, IS A WASTE OF LIFE. I need to be free and outside is free.

Toby! | I Fucking Love Fitness
My beloved Mini Golden-Doodle: TOBY!

The upside is that I always make the most out of every situation. For the two weeks, I was settled in a nice routine: waking up at 5am everyday for Bikram’s, go home for a quick shower and to get the dog, and then rushing to work. I also started to commit more time in the gym to strength train, which I seriously neglected the last two years (blame cycling!).

BTWW | May 2015 | I Fucking Love Fitness
Part of our company team for Bike to Work Week May 2015.

I knew this disruption from my routine would happen, and was just a tiny bit anxious the month prior but I have a habit of not worrying about things until it actually happens so I simply let it go. From past experience, the universe always make things work. I strongly believe in the laws of attraction and when you live with positivity and gratitude, life would always fall in place for you.

If you are the type of person who is always negative, complaining or causing drama, then that is all you are going to attract. I know people with both mindsets and I definitely know which one I would rather be around. What about you?

Bike-to-Work Week is once again coming up on October 26th. in Vancouver! I’m out of town but I’ll be resuming my daily cycle commuting in November, rain or shine. A survey by Bike Hub suggests that 75% of those people who try bike commuting during Bike to Work Week continue doing it in the months to follow. Fall is one of the best seasons to ride! Okay, EVERY season is is the best season to ride… are you going to commit?

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