Ways To Be Flawless

Ways To Be Flawless

I was reading 100 Ways To Be Flawless on Thought Catalog and wanted to point out my favorites and comment on others:

4. Learn to tolerate people. You won’t like everyone, and that’s okay. But that’s no reason to be rude.
Life is too short so you should only surround yourself with people you genuinely love and care about. But not to say you shouldn’t be civilized to everyone else.

7. Don’t do things with the expectation of a reward. You deserve a “thank you,” but that’s not a reason to help someone either. Do it just to do it.

20. Find a favorite place. Where you can escape the world when the world gets too much.
My “favorite place” is a bike route from downtown to Horseshoe Bay and Whiteclyff Park in West Vancouver. The narrow, hilly winding road is my favorite place to ride to when I want to escape.

28. Get lost somewhere. It may be dangerous at times but it’s worth roaming the streets of a pretty city for a while.
I will be getting lost in Europe for seven weeks in 37 days. I can’t wait!

34. Don’t believe everything on the Internet. Obviously.
Especially when it’s fitness-related.

37. Take everything with a grain of salt. And don’t sweat the small stuff.

41. Always be on the pursuit of knowledge. Never allow yourself to stop learning, or stop wanting to learn.

57. Think of the one thing you could do every day for the rest of your life. And do it. Even if you can’t make it your living, even if you can only do it once in a while; find something that you love to do.

65. Own as many comfortable clothes as possible. Because rainy days need comfort.
Yay for workout gear!

70. Remember that you don’t have to look skinny to look good. Because some types of clothing don’t even look good on skinny girls, and you should not think you have to be tiny to be pretty.
Embrace your curves, ladies!

87. Respect your friends’ decisions. You don’t have to agree with them. It’s their life. But love them anyway.

92. Always try. Don’t accept defeat if you haven’t truly tried.

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