Tips For Biking to Work

There are so many benefits to biking to work! I was having a hard time getting up this morning but I kept on reminding myself that I NEVER regretted a morning ride so I hopped out of bed and off I went. Biking to work will result in BLISS because you build confidence since you will be fitter, healthier and happier. You will zip by traffic and get to laugh at people sitting in rush hour traffic. You will feel more energized and will be in a better mood at work (I swear by this!).

And best of all,  you know you can eat more because you are burning extra calories every day. This morning, I burnt over 1000 calories before I even got to work. Why do you guys think I eat so much? If you love food as much as I do, that’s another reason to start biking to work.

The bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created. Convert

There’s a lot of reasons why people don’t bike to work other than the fact that they are lazy or they don’t know how to ride a bike— they have nowhere to shower, they’re simply not confident about biking on roads, they live too far from work… but if you truly want to live a healthier lifestyle, you will make it happen.

Tips for biking to work:

No place to shower?

Leave earlier. Cycle slower. Keep deodorant, baby wipes and a couple changes of clothes at your desk.

Ditch the lycra.

You don’t need to look like a wannabe professional cyclist while biking to work. There is nothing wrong with wearing your normal clothing. Although if your commute is long, you may want to wear those bike shorts! But if you like your lycra like I do, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a full kit either. Do YOU!

Live too far from work? Not fit enough to bike the entire distance?

There is nothing wrong with driving part way and and the biking the rest of the way to work. You’ll also work up your fitness overtime. There’s no pressure to go all in at once.

Some days work is just too tiring and you can’t imagine biking home?

Don’t be ashamed of taking the bus home (or like me, call the Boyfriend).

Afraid of cycling with traffic?

Check your city’s official website for a map of bike lanes and routes. My commute to work mainly consists of small streets and/or dedicated bike paths and there are only 2 blocks where I’m cycling on a busy street (although I have an alternative if I wanted to). Also, don’t be one of those idiots who cycle on some of the busiest streets in the city when there is a bike lane ONE BLOCK OVER. Please research your routes!!

Your city isn’t bicycle friendly?

If that is the case and you are completely unconfident about cycling, just don’t do it… yet. Go for a couple weekend rides to get comfortable and then gradually build up the days you bike to work.

Hate cycling with a ton of weight?

Leave a couple changes of clothes at your desk, get your things dropped off earlier or consider panniers and bike bags. Only bring what you need.

Be prepared.

Have your cellphone, credit card/bus fare (just in case), ALWAYS assume drivers can’t see you, be aware of your surroundings, know your hand signals, know the law, be safe!

Don’t force it.

If the weather sucks or if you are having a bad day, don’t feel bad about taking the bus or driving.

Think positive!

If you are dreading biking to work, try thinking about it as a workout. Think about the extra food you can eat from the extra hundreds of calories burnt. Ask yourself, have you ever regretted a workout? Shift your mindset and try to enjoy it!

Google Maps Vancouver Bike Lanes
Go on Google Maps now and find a bike route to your work!

I’m fortunate to have a gym and shower at work but I always leave a couple sets of clothing and shoes in my gym locker and always bring a full week’s worth of lunches and snacks in the beginning of the week so I cycle with less weight.  I haven’t bought a bus pass for the last 2 months to force myself to bike to work …but I have to admit, I’ve been driving a bit as well last month— harhar. I don’t feel bad though because when I don’t feel like biking, I just don’t. I am a full-time fitness freak but still a part-time commuter. No shame in that!

Bike to Work
If I’m feeling extra tired, a cup of coffee does the job. Sometimes I wish my commute was longer so I will create a “long way” and do a couple loops around the park or get some hill-training in. Then I make sure to get to work early enough so I have time to stretch and foam-roll for the perfect recovery.

What about you? Do you bike to work?

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