Clipless Confessions


I have a confession. Clipless pedals have induced anxiety before my rides particularly when commuting. I’m fine once I get on the road but the thought of having to clip in (and out) really annoys me since I ride through the city and have to constantly stop at lights… and the fact that I HAVE NO COORDINATION whatsoever is a worry to me. I have no problems remembering to clip out but sometimes my feet will slip a couple times or just not clip in the first time around. Very annoying especially at a busy intersection when I have to merge with cars during rush hour… or worse, when that intersection is at the bottom of a hill!

Ah, how I miss the simple times …with regular pedals. Plus I don’t see too many Ride & Grind adventures this summer because I don’t feel like carrying extra weight [shoes] up to Grouse with me just so I can hike up the Grind. Maybe I should take on the challenge and hike up in my bike shoes. Hah.

Ideally, I would get a new bike, put the stock pedals back on my current one and use it for commuting and chores. Clips are fun and I love them because they make me faster and more efficient but they totally are NOT necessary.

I still love my clips though so I’m not complaining!

I will eventually get use to them and be able to clip in effortlessly. Hopefully.

//End rambling.

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