Friday Notes

Eat Clean. Train Mean.
  • I ran for the first time since my first half-marathon last August. And it was up and down 5 floors… 20 times. My calves were decimated afterwards— mainly because I decided to run more stairs the next day. It kind of ruined the intensity rest of my workouts the rest of the week though.
  • I feel like my workouts these days don’t feel as intense as they use to be because they are more strength-based but I’m learning to accept that just because I’m not face-planted on the floor after, wanting to puke doesn’t mean that the workout wasn’t a good one!

    TRX Tuck & Pike
    Start in a plank position in with your feet in the TRX band. TUCK your knees towards your chest. Go back into plank position. Then use your core only to PIKE your booty up in the air. Go back to plank position. Repeat this combo at least 10x and preferable in a circuit with other exercises. You can also do this on a stability ball which I find a little more challenging.
  • My boyfriend cooks dinner (usually while I nap) AND washes the dishes almost every night. How awesome is that? I am so spoiled!
  • I’ve also been eating steak every night for the past week because we bought so much and I didn’t want to freeze it— and not sick of it yet! Next week, we are planning to consume salmon and tofu in massive quantities instead.
  • I’ve also been obsessed with parsley so I’ve been consuming it in ENORMOUS quantities, especially in my green monster protein shakes. Nom nom nom.
  • Eating clean is so much easier when your significant other is on board. I usually never take “clean eating” THAT seriously because let’s face it, I love food but the last couple of weeks, I’ve been UNINTENTIONALLY eating super clean.
  • Some days I tell myself I should go for a walk and get a poutine (that’s what I get for living 10 minutes away from my favorite poutinerie) or go eat some frozen yogurt down the street just because that’s something I would normally do but I have no appetite for those things. Sigh. And sugar. Sometimes that really disappoints me. I love poutine but when you stop eating it, you just don’t crave it anymore. Simple as that.

    Eat Clean. Train Mean.

  • That doesn’t mean I won’t though because tomorrow is my staff party and they always have good food and booze. At least I’ll look good in my dress… arriving there.
  • But what I’m really looking forward to is Sunday because I’m making a Trader Joe’s run and will probably drop by Nike to pick up more workout gear!!

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