Uncomfortable Truths to Accept

Girona, Spain

No one gives a sh!t about you.

Everyone is too self-absorbed in their own world trying to do their best. Once you stop taking everything personally, your life will get exponentially better. It may just take a few mindset shifts and trust me, it’s worth it!

The only way to level up is to do hard sh!t.

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

You won’t get anywhere without calling yourself out.

You won’t get anywhere without calling yourself out.

Most often, people’s ego prevents them from greatness. Once you admit your own flaws, no one can hold them against you. Having this feeling of control in your life will only level you up faster! Surrounding yourself with friends who have the balls to call you out also means you are all levelling.

If you are not where you want to be, it’s your own fault.

Your own limiting beliefs and inability to admit and work on your own flaws are holding you back. Many people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.

People who ‘complain’ the most will usually get the most things.

BUT reframe “complaining” as speaking up or ASKING for what they want. If you don’t ask, you don’t get it. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO but if you do, there is a fifty percent chance it will be yes. What do you have to lose?

You are not meant for a lot of people.

You are not meant for a lot of people.

Most people won’t get you but keep on doing you, and your tribe will eventually find you. Stop draining your own energy by trying to make everyone like you. Trust me, you can’t hide unauthentic energy and that also means that people will sense your desperation which is not natural.

Things are better earned.

I never appreciate gifts and things I get for free.

Relationships of all sorts require constant effort.

Fairytales don’t exist! Nothing lasts forever. Once you accept that, life will be fucking marvellous!

You can only be happy together if you are happy alone.

Codependency in relationships never works out. There is no independence in dependency. Have your own life and love yourself first because your partner ain’t there to fill a void! 

No one will ever love you in the way you wish to be loved indefinitely.

If you are looking for someone to “complete” you— complete yourself first. Start taking accountability for your own life and stop waiting for someone to fix you.

Letting go and saying no are superpowers.

Most people come into your life for a reason or a season. You will instinctively feel who is meant to be in your life. You will instinctively feel who is meant to be because those types of relationships almost feel ‘effortless’– you pick up where you left off even if you haven’t seen each other in a long time.

Stop trying to fix things.

Especially damaged people. People won’t be ready until they make the choice to help themselves and you should never sabotage your own life to fix them.

It’s okay to ask for help.

End the stigma of trying to go through everything alone. Humans are meant to be social creatures and we need community to thrive.

No one owes you anything.

Stop playing victim. No one has time for that.

We make up our own importance.

If you quit your job, don’t feel bad because the world will run with or without you. We are all dispensable and insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

Stop trying to control everything because nothing will almost go as planned.

When you stop living in a chronic state of stress, your mind will relax, leading you towards clarity and the ability to spot more possibilities. Besides, there is a lot of fun in spontaneity… only if you welcome it into your life!

Everyone is just as confused as you are.

Everyone is just doing their best, learning as they go, and making stuff up to get by every day. Knowing this will make you feel less alone.

Don’t solely rely on words for communication.

Energy, emotions, gestures, body language are all forms of communication.

Life gets boring when you always get what you want.

Your mind actually needs to be challenged because we are all programmed to grow and evolve.

You really don’t have anyone but yourself.

Everyone else is trying their best to live their own best lives. Take radical responsibility for your own sh!t because everyone has their own to deal with.

We don’t fear the unknown or future possibilities.

We fear uncovering our past and unresolved traumas. Those are the basis of our limiting beliefs.

Nothing lasts forever.

Including your current circumstances.

We all end up in the same place.

Death is the only thing we all have in common. 

Girona, Spain
Girona, Spain

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