My Gym Confessions

I am not a fitness snob and I never judge people on how they look or what they do that the gym— that is unless it affects me or gets in my way.

Here are my gym confessions:

  1. I’m a total gym loner because my gym time is ME time. Working out with my friends or twice a week is fun but definitely not every day (unless they agree to stick with the workout plan that I made for myself). Sorry friends! I get distracted easily when I’m with them because yes, we do all the girly catching-up and gossip!
  2. I don’t take classes because I don’t want to waste my money and I get too annoyed at people in classes who cheat on their reps. Plus taking a class means I don’t know what I’m doing = ruining my workout plan. I know working out in a group is motivating and all so that’s why I sometimes do it… but I never had problems with motivation. Fine, I’m just a loner okay.
  3. I will laugh at you if you wear fake eyelashes to the gym because I’m assuming they will fall off. And if they are still on after your workout, you didn’t work out hard enough. Unless you have some super strong eyelash glue and in that case, you need to hook me up!
  4. I put my headphones on and take my glasses off so I can’t see anyone and NO ONE WILL TALK TO ME.
  5. But sometimes my iPod won’t even be on… but at least NO ONE WILL TALK TO ME.
  6. I get really really really annoyed at people slacking off in the gym especially when they get in my way.
  7. There’s a creepy, obnoxious person who always annoys me at my gym.
  8. Whenever I warm up with double-unders of just a lot of skipping, I always have to go pee before starting my actual WOD.
  9. I always notice when people cheat on their reps! Fortunately that doesn’t happen much because I usually workout alone.
  10. I like to do my circuits in my favorite studio at my gym and sometimes there will be someone there giving me annoyed looks as I set up but …whatever. This is a public area! If you don’t feel comfortable with people “watching” you workout, you’ll need to develop that confidence before you’ll be able to have any success in your fitness journey… or life.

What are your gym confessions?

My workout buddy and I.
When I workout with my workout buddies, this is how all our workouts should end!! No slackers, quitters, whiners… and people who cheat on their reps.

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