It’s Okay…

… To steal be inspired by a blog idea from Lisa!

…To wearing the same thing twice a week at work because I leave one outfit (that I change weekly) in my gym locker for the days I bike to work. I’m lazy about clothes and not into fashion as much as I was before. I wish I can live in my fitness gear!

… To wear your [clean] workout gear around the office because you feel like it.

…To take vain mirror pics at the gym because you work hard for that body (and because I know I work hard and never slack)! Taking pictures isn’t slacking.

Vain Mirror Pic @ ifuckinglovefitness.com

… To have less intense workouts too because if you can handle super intense workouts every single day, it’s either not intense enough or you are not giving your body enough rest.

… To skip oatmeal and breakfast all together. Because I haven’t been eating breakfast regularly for 2+ years and have seen nothing but positive changes to my body, health and energy.

… To indulge in tater tots because it’s so yummy.

Eat half-clean and train mean (minus the dog food)!

… To wanting to tell your friend that you lost his puppy (whom you are babysitting) so you can keep it forever because he is the best puppy in the world. I want to get a mini-goldendoodle but I would be so disappointed if he didn’t have the same personality as Toby!

Toby: The Best Puppy In The World
And best of all? He gets along with bunnies.

… To “race” unsuspecting people on the bike lanes because that will make you a faster and stronger rider.

… To wake up at 5am for a good morning sweat session even though you know you will die and want to kill everything around you when the 3pm slump comes around.

… To occasionally do steady-state cardio (on the bike) because it’s relaxing and therapeutic.

… To realizing that any cardio you do never end up being “steady-state” because interval training is just SO much more fun.

.. To be writing a blog post when you should be writing off your performance and peer reviews. See, I’m done writing this entry already so now it’s back to work okay.

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