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Amboise, France

Amboise, France

Bonjour! I’m back! I stopped publishing posts when I was in Europe simply because blogging takes up way too much time and I wanted to spend it living in the moment a.k.a. being a tourist in Europe— eating, shopping, sightseeing and not cooped up in front of a computer. If you follow me on Instagram, I did post a lot of photos. Nevertheless, I got home two weeks ago and the first thing I did was eat a lot of salmon sashimi and sushi, then the next morning, I did my first Grouse Grind and headed straight to work.

I’m happy to be back in Vancouver and I did NOT get any jet-lag either. I jumped right back into work, life and fitness as if I never left and Europe. It feels like it was all a dream… I love my life at home and am happy to be back but I try not to look at my photos from Europe because it does break my heart a tad bit since I do long to go back. How did seven weeks pass by so rapidly?!

The one mantra that my trip unmistakably emphasized, which is super cliché but true, is you only live once.

Do everything, see everything, try everything, have no fear, get out of your comfort zone, live your life in the moment to the fullest, be forever free…

I had an amazing sabbatical and my only regret is that I did not go for longer. But there is no point looking back because there are many things to look forward to: an extended weekend in Vegas at the end of July, a month in Asia in November and I’ll be back in Europe next September. I think I definitely caught the wanderlust bug.

Nice, France
More vacation recaps coming as soon as I start feeling productive again…

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