An Ode to my Best Friend and Life on Two-Wheelz

Back in April 2013, I climbed our local Cypress Mountain for the first time. Last April 2019 (this entry has been sitting in my drafts since), I went up there with my best friend on her first one! How dope is that?!

I probably wrote this story once long ago on this blog, but she was the one who forced us to sign up for the Ride to Conquer Cancer in 2011, when I started my adventure on two-wheelz— the one that transformed my life and made it extraordinary. Almost seven years later, I am finally able to pay her back with a life of freedom and happiness on two-wheelz!!

sometimes you connect with friends through our sense of fearlessness and adventures

I can’t even begin to describe how cycling has changed my life and how grateful I am to have been pointed in this direction by her recklessness.

somewhere on the canada line bridge with @xoxo_natt ♥️ #nevernotriding

I said the same back in 2013 when I wrote about my second RTCC, but fast-forward to 2019, you can only imagine how exponentially better my life has gotten. Thanks Nat!

I was reminiscing back to old blog entires while writing this and wow, I can’t believe how much my mindset has changed when it comes to riding bikes.

At the top of Cypress, she told me she was holding herself back but when I started riding, I did the exact same thing because (a) I didn’t want to tire myself out, and (b) I wasn’t familiar with the route. When it comes down to it, it was pretty much fear that was holding me back. Over more years of riding and thousands of meters climbed on two-wheelz, I don’t even think twice before riding up a mountain. I’ve identified what was holding me back and over time, I taught myself that I had nothing to lose.

What’s the worse that could happen? I get tired? So what? I’ll stop. And then I can get back on my bike again. No one is watching. No one cares. It’s just me and the mountain.

I have a lot of friends on two-wheelz but unfortunately none of my bestest friends have picked up it as obsessively as me. It does require a lot of time and discipline so I don’t blame them, and on top of that, you do have to prioritize for bike rides and if it’s not really your thing, it’s hard to get people to do it. However, it’s never too late to convert. Currently working on them one at a time…

Payback’s a bitch ain’t it? Eight years ago my best friend forced me to do the Ride To Conquer Cancer in freezing cold + pouring rain over two days where she got hypothermia😝. She finally got back on two-wheelz eight years later and just completed her first Fondo yesterday with a bit of rain and even a peak of sunshine. We were checking the weather everyday (and it wasn’t looking very good)… and I haven’t thought about a ride so much like this one because she’s psyched me out!! I guess it’s nice to have one of my best friends to have bike rides to look forward to together. Not to mention, she pretty much winged it because I signed her up without telling her, was supposed to train her but moved away for a few months… she did it anyway with no hesitation. I was legit a bit concerned too.🤘Despite the puddle of water in her shoes and the chill in the air, she crossed the finish line with a smile on her face and we partied until the next morning!! Better underestimated than overestimated… but I had no doubts she’d finish… I knew she was just going to hurt a little more. But she was totally down down for that!! #YHAYYY 💕🍸🌥️🌞 {09/2018}

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