There’s No Rest for the Wicked

I have a full time job, too many social engagements for my liking (introvert probz), mandatory "me time" at the gym and most importantly on my bike, and adult responsibilities…

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Lessons in Travels

I am leaving for Asia in two days for a month of of foraying in Hong Kong, Langkawi, Changmai, Koh Phangan, Bangkok and Seoul so I thought it was time to reminisce about…

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Back to Wonderful Reality

Bonjour! I'm back! I stopped publishing posts when I was in Europe simply because blogging takes up way too much time and I wanted to spend it living in the…

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Traveling Solo

When I first announced that I was traveling alone for seven weeks, reactions were mainly negative and the first was usually a very exaggerated "aren't you scared?!" Like I said, I never…

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I Left My Heart in the Alps

I made a stop in Munich to visit Tracy— she tempted me by promising to take me on my first mountain biking experience and it turned out to be the best day of…

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Vibrant Berlin

I know, I am a terrible blogger. I'm sitting on the balcony of my room, situated right on the edge of the caldera in Santorini writing this as the sun is…

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London Adventures

I'm sitting in a cute little bed and breakfast in London right now struggling to write when I should be working. It's so hard to focus on work when you are…

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Maui in Pictures
Of course, a blog post isn't complete without a poser cyclist picture.

Maui in Pictures

This was the first real vacation I took in 2 years and I was seriously not excited about it at all because I didn’t want to leave my wonderful life in Vancouver but Maui was fun, better than I expected and I did almost everything I wanted to do.  I never did get use to the time zone difference though so once it got dark, it felt like midnight and the grandma in me was ready to go to bed even though it was only 7pm. Anyway, here is a photo diary of our trip…

Somewhere on a rock in West Maui with a Specialized Roubaix
Of course, a blog post isn’t complete without a poser cyclist picture.


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