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Oh, This Beautiful Life

It takes ages to craft certain blog entries because I admit, I am self-conscious about what I publish since I don’t like writing about my personal life. My blogs use to be very personal but over the years, there were aspects of my life and thoughts I was hesitant to

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Free Yourself

A couple weeks ago as I was riding my bike, I suddenly decided I don’t want to live a normal and stagnant life. The past 5 months of my life involved major changes, eye-opening learning experience and lots of new adventures. In the past 3 months alone, I’ve come to so much spiritual and psychological

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My Journey

45 Days Until The Great Escape

If there is one thing on my mind a lot this year, it’s the fact that I am getting old. 2014 marks my seventh year at my company and the thought of that never ceases to astound me. I’ve seen colleagues get married, have kids, move away, get new jobs

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