My Bike Commuting Story
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My Bike Commuting Story

Another magical morning in Stanley Park, February '15 // Imagine waking up in the morning before dawn, getting on your bike only to be greeted by serenity and empty roads…

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Importance of SPF

I leave the house one morning, the skies were grey and looking as if there was a chance of showers. YAY! No tan lines to worry about and no sunscreen…

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bikes x mcdonalds

After days and days of Japanese food on my Japan Bike Tour, I have the worst confession in the world. It is a blasphemy to all foodies, fitness addicts and…

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100 Miles of Happiness

Earlier this week, I rode 100 miles of happiness from West Hollywood to Santa Barbara. It was a ride filled with boisterous rolling hills and luscious scenery in between the…

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