The Perfect Time To Ride My Bicycle

The Perfect Time to Ride My Bicycle

The other day, I went on one of the most fulfilling bike rides ever. It was my second time on my bike that month because I had a little setback from my MVA injury. I always gravitate towards delayed gratification so I had to maintain discipline and stay off the

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24 CARAT INC: A Way to Look at Life

Growth Mindset: A Way to Look at Life

Over the last decade, I’ve trained my mind to welcome all stressors in my life, and see all obstacles as a lesson handed to me by the universe. The harsh reality is that life is always going to be tough but it’s how you look at it. Reframing stress, problems,

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Random cyclists at English Bay on a sunny Monyay

Things I Loved This Week #8

Quote of the Week If you want to know a man look at his habits. From fire to ‘atmospheric river’: Why B.C. is trapped in a world of climate extremes. A Note on Climate Change We’ve been having extremely devastating weather the past year. Last week, an atmospheric river washed

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Bike Touring in Japan: Packing

Bike Touring in Japan: Packing

I have been traveling a lot this year and I’ve learned a lot of lessons and picked up the a lot of quirks (and some bad habits). My next big trip is a 10-day self-supported [“credit card”] bicycle tour in Japan and I knew packing was going to be a

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