100 Calorie Servings of Fresh Fruit

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I love love love fruit and I tend to eat it in dangerously massive quantities, especially in the summer when my three favorite fruits (watermelon, lychee and cherries) are in…

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My Cycling Checklist

Aside from training to be a better, faster and stronger rider, I still have a lot to work on. Here is my current cycling checklist: Practice riding clipless. After years of…

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My First Whistler Gran Fondo!

It's official. I am registered for the Whistler Gran Fondo on September 7, 2013!!! The Whistler Gran Fondo is a 122km ride from downtown Vancouver to Whistler with 1700m of…

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Tips for Cycling Newbies

What kind of cyclist are you? Do you love road biking? Mountain biking? Or are you just a casual everyday commuter? Are you competitive? Or do like to go on longer,…

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