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Kate | ko0ty | 24 CARAT INC | twentyfourcarat.net
Queen of HABITS + Productivity Hacking

discipline is my game

Isn’t it frustrating when people don’t practice what they preach? It’s important to talk the talk AND walk the walk.

I’ve been living a self-proclaimed “effortlessly” fit + healthy lifestyle for the last decade. Effortless is a mindset. My lifestyle seems effortless but I put in a lot of hard work and consistent dedication …however I do NOT diet, I rarely go to a gym, and eating right + exercise are as second nature to me as brushing my teeth.

How? I focussed on habits and lifestyle instead of outcomes. That’s why my lifestyle feels so effortless! Wellness shouldn’t be hard~ 

I will teach you to effortlessly integrate health and fitness into your life, while living it boldly and fearlessly.

When I was around 6 years old, I had my first out of body experience that had a profound impact on the way I’ve conducted my life.

I remember the moment clearly: I was laying on the staircase of my grandparents’ house. I guess I must have been completely relaxed because I soon found myself floating out of my body– I saw myself laying on the staircase, the roof of the house, the city of Regina, Saskatchewan… and soon I was floating out in space, looking down into the Milky Way.

I remember saying to myself: “wow we are so tiny and insignificant in the grand scheme of things!”

How does a 6-year-old even say words like that?

That experience was imprinted into my mind forever. I would think of it randomly throughout my life. It planted a seed subconsciously, and I grew up with insatiable curiosity and a thirst for knowledge. I questioned everything from religion, behaviours, and conventions yet researched and read as much as I could because I wanted to know how the universe works.

There is a lot more we don’t know but these days, I feel as if I understand the foundations quite well. I tapped into that theoretical quantum field of invisible intelligence and since then, I have tapped into that field countless times. I didn’t understand until a couple of years ago when I began to really study quantum physics, and the state of ecstasis aka FLOW but these days, I conduct my life in alignment with the universe.

Quantum Obsessed

Profound Moments leads to profound insights

My Journey

writing new Pages Daily

I had a pretty blessed 20’s because I woke up every single day EXCITED to go to work. Not too many people can say that. However nothing worthwhile comes easy because I hustled pretty hard. While everyone was in university and partying, I had a full-time career, and a consulting company on the side, and a super hardcore and discipline fitness routine.

Nobody should ever go through life hating what they do!

Imagine if everyone had the right mentors and people around them to guide them on the most efficient path?

My first career aspiration was an astronaut. I obsessed over books about space and our universe growing up (including picture books). I remember being soooo disappointed when I found out we really didn’t go to the moon!!

So upset, I decided I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up.

However, after realizing I couldn’t even dissect a cow’s eyeball in grade 8, I ended up in tech, with my background in web development and design, user experience design, and project management.

I taught myself how to code when I was 9 because I wanted to build Backstreet Boys fan pages, then I taught myself how to design and I LOVED it because I was always creative. The code fulfilled my need for logic. In my first career, I always felt as if I was the black sheep because everyone seemed 100% creative but I was half/half.

By the end of highschool, I knew academia was not for me since I’ve been freelancing since I was 13 and knew my future was in tech.

Science and medicine, along with psychology, human behaviour, nutrition, and especially cognitive health has always been my ultimate passions, and those are literally all I nerd out on in my free time. And yes, I am still obsessed with the universe!

Of course, not being an actual doctor, I never give medical advice but can point you in the right direction and pass along the resources. I never want to become one of “those influencers.”

In my early 20’s, I got REALLY into fitness. I was a gym-rat, did Crossfit-esque workouts almost daily. I got up at 5am everyday to ride my bike to work (adding in a few extra kilometers or a hundred)– rain or shine. Catching the first gondola down at the Grouse Grind then biking to work was a habit. I looked forward to Bikram’s hot yoga twice a week as a reward for my hard work.

Fast forward to 2015, I became a cycling-addict that rarely works out inside a gym… yet I was in the best shape of my life (physically + mentally) doing only what I love love LOVE. The benefits of exercising outdoors has profound effects on your mind + body + soul.

I was obsessed BUT thankfully, I NEVER burnt out because I knew how important recovery and balance was. Reflecting back to those years makes me want to throw up because I don’t know how I endured those types of workouts!

At 27, I was given a 7-week paid sabbatical so I left to travel Europe by myself. Nobody had time off and I wasn’t the type to wait around.

At 28, I decided my life was too conventional / “perfect” / white picket fence so I left an 11 year relationship, quit a lucrative 9-year career, rented out my condo, moved my homebase to LA and travelled for 2 years before moving back to Vancouver.

The growth and experiences I collected over that time was exponential and priceless.

I tell everyone “my life began at 28” because I have seen and done more from then to know than most people would ever experience in their lifetime. I was so open and said YES to all experiences

During the summer of 2020, I finally burnt out from the pandemic, starting a couple of businesses, a car accident, and leaving an emotionally-abusive and toxic relationship. I always knew this day would come.

But because I’ve already SO MUCH my personal development, innerwork, and cemented many good habits in the last decade of my life, I was able to pull myself out of a blackhole. Even though that journey seemed to really dark and painful, I reframed it as “fun” and opportunity as radical personal development at the same time because as an athlete, I already knew nothing worthwhile comes easy.

We are already trained mentally to endure tough times and get uncomfortable so I welcomed it with open arms as an opportunity to grow.

And wasn’t this the reason why I quit my job at 28?

Now at 33, I finally relaunched my blog because I realized how important it is to write (journal) to organize my thoughts (and your thoughts create your reality!), and to give back and share my experiences.

So many people lack true grit and resilience because they aren’t able to get out of their comfort zones.

I’ve been doing this intentionally for the last decade and I wish everyone would start young so they can begin cementing good habits to make good life decisions, heal faster, learn to be aware of generational trauma so they can raise well-rounded children.

I began this epic journey around 2007 only because of the health bloggers sharing their stories. I thoroughly enjoyed the journey and I NEVER focused on the destination. Instead, I trusted the process and was confident in myself to navigate me towards the right direction.