Why I Workout: Ride & Eat

This is just an excuse to do something with all the food pictures I like to take but one of my favorite things to do is go for a long bike ride to a destination with yummy food, pig out and ride back (and trying not to puke from all the food we just ate).

But seriously, I do have a reason for all the food pictures and gym selfies I take other than to post on Instagram: I organize all my photos by year and month and if I want to look back on how I was doing or what I was eating at a certain point in time, I can quickly open that folder and scroll through all the images. Essentially, my photos are my journal; food, fitness and just life in general.

Anyway, here comes 100% no-guilt nom-ness and the reason why I really workout.

Olive Garden, Wired Monk & poutine.
Olive Garden in Langley, Wired Monk in Crescent Beach and POUTINE. I just had to put my picture with a poutine because the poutine defines who I am. Just kidding. But seriously, I love poutine and nothing is a better combination than cycling AND poutine.
Starbucks on Grouse
My favorite treat after climbing up to the base of Grouse Mountain via Capilano Road before doing the Grouse Grind: Starbucks’ Apple Cinnamon Muffin (and a coffee).
Donuts @ Deep Cove
The infamous donuts at Honey’s in Deep Cove.
We love riding to Steveston from our condo downtown (with a UBC loop) because they have mega good eats!! Lots of fresh and delicious seafood, a gigantic pile of meat (which we couldn’t finish and had to cycle to my parents house to give them the leftovers) and of course, you can’t come to Steveston without indulging in the infamous frozen yogurt from Timothy’s!
Granville Island
More burgers and donuts at Granville Island.
Fine Dining
I don’t remember where this was but it was total goodness. And yes, it’s okay to go fine dining all gross and sweaty in cycling gear.
More Random Eats
More indulgences from Olive Garden in Langley and my favorite burger ever: the Monty Mushroom Burger from a White Spot in Coquitlam.
Our new tradition of riding to our Asian-ified Thanksgiving and Easter dinners at Boyfriend’s brother’s house. It’s only a super easy 50km ride from downtown to Maple Ridge so it’s not hard but that doesn’t stop us from pigging out!
More poutine!
Just had to end this with another shot of post-ride poutines. I never share so of course, we each had to get our own.

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