When I Started Working Out…

When I started working out…

  • I lifted baby weights and never significantly increased it.
  • I did too much cardio. I was more scrawny than lean.
  • I use to be an Elliptical queen.
  • I never went to the gym with a plan.
  • I use to go during off hours because I didn’t feel confident at the gym.
  • I use to avoid the free weights area because I didn’t know what to do. I would only do cardio and maybe a couple of weight machines.
  • I would literally bring one of my 1000+paged fantasy trilogy novels and read it while “sweating” it out on a cardio machine.  I was definitely not working out hard enough.
  • I would have a great workout in the morning (usually 30 minutes on the Elliptical and some weight machines with light weights) and then I would reward myself with a big breakfast of hash browns and the my favorite breakfast wrap at my company’s cafeteria. These days, I still eat hash browns and breakfast wraps but I deserve it more now than I did back then because my workouts are much more intense.

Looking back at my fitness-self then and now, I’ve definitely come a long way. I lift heavy, I reduced my cardio and mainly do HIIT, I have a nice variety in my workouts, I push hard every session and I have 100% confidence in the gym. We all had to start somewhere!

What were some things you did when you started working out that you wouldn’t do now?

I Fucking Love Fitness
Super old poser hiking photo. Wish I took more #selfies back then so I would have content for my blog now.

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