What\’s in My Purse?

I just finished dying my extensions to match my hair color and is just waiting for the color to set so I though I\’d steal Rina\’s idea of what\’s in her purse.


  1. Make up bag
  2. Random eye palette (depends what eye shadow I\’m wearing that day, if any)
  3. Random lipglosses, make up brushes, mascara, eye lash curler, etc. I don\’t use a lot of this most days but I always have them in my purse anyway
  4. UDPP! ?
  5. Mineral Foundation + Kabuki brush
  6. Bronzer
  7. CG Trublend Translucent Press Powder
  8. Eyeliner + brow pencil = must-haves
  9. Extra hair-ties
  10. Wallet
  11. Hand cream
  12. Coin Purse
  13. Eye drops + hand sanitizer
  14. Pills! (Vitamins, Flaxseed Oil Capsules, anti-PMS pills (!!), Reactin)
  15. Work pass
  16. Blackberry
  17. Camera
  18. Book (that\’s why I have to have big bags!)
  19. Nintendo DS (mostly for BF when he gets bored… LOL)
  20. USB Pen

Forgot to photograph: packet of tissue, cutips (very handy in case of make up emergencies), water bottle and my Dentyne Ice Intense. Us girls get a good workout carrying all that shit around everyday.