Warrior Dash Whistler 2011

Warrior Dash Whistler 2011

Warrior Dash Whistler 2011

Last Saturday’s Warrior Dash BC timelime:

  • Stomach flips when I see the hills while going up to the course on gondola.
  • Needs to pee really bad. Almost suffocates in outhouse.
  • Talks to people who went in previous waves who’ve already finished the race; advised us to walk up the first hill and be sure to have good shoes for the steep downhills. Starts worrying.
  • Almost dies from extreme nervousness at start line while looking up the 2km hill we had to run up. Warrior Dash Whistler 2011
  • Whistle blows… guys shoot past me.
  • I go, “f**k this.” So much for trying to keep up with them.
  • Manages to jog up half of the hill but only to turn the bend and sees more hills … and more hills. Totally demoralizing.
  • Thighs burning, heart about to give out. Tempted to crawl up the rest of the way.
  • Wants to shoot self.
  • Keeps on saying to myself, “I’M NOT A F**KING WARRIOR!!
  • 2km later, somehow managed to push myself to the top without stopping.
  • Sees Boyfriend waiting at top for me. He had to forfeit racing with the guys because he knew I was going to have a lot of trouble going downhill because of my bad knees. ♥
  • Climbs over walls and under barbed wire, up cargo nets, over a plank, more hills (but not as bad)… the rest of the course was okay (except for the downhills) but I took it real easy.
  • Kicks mud in boyfriend’s eyes while passing him in the mud pit. NOT ON PURPOSE, I SWEAR.
  • Crosses finish line… before Boyfriend (while he was momentarily blinded by mud). Hyukhyukhyuk.
  • Secretly satisfied because I never beat Boyfriend in anything (but I knew if he actually tried, he would’ve been at least 10 minutes ahead of me).

People did this race for fun but I wanted to see how far I could push myself.

I was disappointed.

I was NOT ready for this. I went into this with no research, not knowing how long it was (5km) and not expecting that many hills. I just thought, “OOH WARRIOR DASH! SOUNDS FUN!” I haven’t been doing ANY long distance cardio training for over a month; I’ve been doing Crossfit, plyometrics, sprints and basically anything and everything that trains my fast twitch muscles but nothing where I had to test my endurance for a long period of time.

I wasn’t my usual self and could not push myself hard enough to move faster. I knew I could’ve achieved a much better time but I had to slowly walk all the downhill parts because of my bad knees so the fact that I knew I wouldn’t get a good time didn’t help either, otherwise I knew I would’ve pushed myself ten times harder! I also only had a piece of toast and couple eggs for breakfast so I wish I fueled up more.

Warrior Dash Whistler 2011


  • My time was 38:24.90
  • Placed 60th in my age group
  • 1313/3913 overall =(

Despite not being prepared for it, I had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again next year!

Warrior Dash Whistler 2011
the course

Did I mention I ate poutine almost everyday that weekend? Almost. I had to gather up some major willpower to walk past it on Saturday night. I swear, I ate more pasta that weekend than I usually do in a year though.

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