Top 10 Exercises Pt.4

It’s been over a year so it’s about time for an updated top 10 exercise list. Don’t get me wrong, I still love double-unders, burpees, wall balls and …everything but here are some of my new “favorites.”

  1. Bulgarian Split Squats. These are my new absolute favorite form of squats. I still kind of suck at them especially when I pile on the weights (and the fact that my feet are always cramping up) but I love them! They help minimize strength and muscular differences in your legs (my #1 reason for doing them), strengthen your core, improve balance, increase flexibility in your hip flexors and of course, strengthen your lower body. And they are hard.

  2. Deadlifts. A true full-body movement and definitely one of the best compound exercises you can do.

  3. Handstand Push Ups. Another thing on my Get Awesome At list.

  4. Turkish Get Ups. Just watch the video!

  5. [Kettlebell] Sumo Squats. Because I realized I don’t work  my inner thighs enough. I like to dump this in a circuit with other kettlebell exercises such as swings, high pulls, presses.

  6. Wall Climbs. I always make sure I do chest-to-ground after each rep (not in my newbie video below). If you want to make it more challenging, add a push up (or a few).

  7. TRX Rows (or TRX anything). TRX bands are a must in any [home] gym. They really engage and stablize your core and allow you to do a lot of different exercises due to it’s versatility. It’s literally a band that you hang on just about anything and you can almost do anything you can think of with it.

  8. TRX Tucks & Pikes. Try this in a circuit doing  1 tuck + 1 pike (1 rep) , ten times. To make it more challenging, add a push up with each rep.

  9. Push Presses. I love doing these in a quick barbell complex, AMRAP style with deadlifts (high rep), front squats and bent-over rows.

  10. Farmers Walks. One of my things on my Get Awesome At list is to improve my grip strength because it holds me back a lot. And the fact that I hate bitch hands.

Check out my top 10 exercise from the last 3 years: Part 1Part 2Part 3.

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