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Hey everyone, I’ve been MIA from my blog and it’s sad that once life gets busy, this blog is the first thing I neglect. Well, where have I been? Ever since I got back from Vegas, I’ve been busy EATING — and working… and exercising… and biking… but mainly eating.

One of my goals is to never let food control life.

…as in letting food make me feel guilty because let’s face it, we all go through days where we feel fat, shitty and disgusting and it may have been caused by that uber cheesy burger you had for lunch or the giant plate of fettuccine alfredo you had for dinner. I use to feel guilty all the time because I would eat and eat but then those were the days where exercise was non-existent in my life. But that was only guilt caused by my own laziness and lack of motivation.

Now, I’ve worked hard to get myself to a point where I integrate exercise into my daily life— I enjoy it and actually look forward to it …believe it or not! Many people who go into this journey quit or fail but one of the reasons why I am a success story is because I customized the lifestyle to fit my wants and needs. I never followed a strict diet or exercise routine by some well-known trainer— I educated myself and developed a plan that worked for me. I live to eat so I knew I had to program myself to do more exercise so I didn’t have to give up my favorite foods. This made it a lot easier to stick with in the long run because the diet was my biggest nemesis. It took a lot of motivation in the first couple of weeks but overtime, everything just got hardwired into my brain. I discovered how to stay motivated along the way and it’s become such a huge part of my life.

It’s been an amazing journey.

So if you come to my blog, expecting a health blog with pictures of protein muffins, green monster shakes, overnight oats and kale chips… sorry but you’ll mostly be seeing this:

I do eat healthy the majority of the time, but I NEVER deprive myself from anything if I really want it. Moderation DOES work. I don’t lie to myself nor to the world and make it seem like I’m a crazy health nut. Is it a contradiction that I am a fitness FREAK but so NOT a health nut? I love Poutine, Black Forest cake, Goldfish crackers, duck confit… why deprive myself of any of those just because they are processed and bad for you? Life is too short and it makes me happy— and as long as I’m doing the two things I love: exercising like a maniac and eating like a manic, it’s all good and I’m not feeling guilty about anything.

Isn’t that what life is all about?

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