Things I Loved This Week #5


  • What Is The Most Fattening Food? – Be careful when you read “studies” online! 🤑 “The two most significant authors of this paper report having received fees from Unilever. Unilever, once the biggest producer of vegetable oils in the world, was in 2011 at the tail end of a years-long effort to divest itself of its vegetable oils businesses (Gelski, 2013). Unilever continues to be a major producer of foods that use vegetable oils as an ingredient.”
  • 6 Ways That Outdoor Play Enhances Early Educational Development – People don’t understand the importance of being outside more often. This lifestyle should be instilled and encouraged since childhood.
  • The Case For Reading Fiction – My mom is an avid reader so I grew up devouring books. Reading is so crucial to keep your brain sharp, inspired, and makes you a good story-teller.

The ability to sell a good story can get you much further than intelligence alone.


  • [Huberman Lab] Dr. Samer Hattar: Timing Your Light, Food, & Exercise for Optimal Sleep, Energy & Mood – I’ve been nerding out on the effects of Nature Therapy the last few years because of it’s profound effects its had on my life. This year, I got really into light therapy and the effects of light on our biology. Dr. Samer Hattar is credited to co-discovering the the neurons in the eye that set our circadian clocks and regulate mood and appetite. He is an expert on light + circadian rhythm. Don’t forget: we, like many creatures on Mother Earth, are ruled by sunlight.
  • [Ben Greenfield Fitness] Time Traveling To Heal Trauma, Hyper-Customization Of Diet & Supplements – There’s not one Ben Greenfield podcast I didn’t enjoy!
  • [The Spectrum of Health] Electric Body, Electric Health with Eileen Day McKusick – I never understood energy healing until my body went through something extremely traumatic, and I was looking for different ways to heal. I use to throw this into the realm of woo-hoo-ness but now I totally understand after having experiencing it. As I always say: knowledge is motivation. I went down the long path of learning about the science of energy healing, and it’s opened many doors for me. Optimal wellness requires a balance of conventional + holistic medicine. Do you agree?
  • [The Doctor’s Farmacy] Why Our Neglected Lymph System Is A Key To Optimal Health – I began incorporating lymph node massage + yoga into my routine. I talk a lot about ‘planting seeds.‘ I first learned about the importance of lymphatic drainage system in 2017 when I literally spent an entire month in Croatia to go to a music festival + binge on podcasts in the sun …but never did anything about it. In fact, the day I truly began healing was when I learned about ‘quantum healing.‘ WOOHOO! But stay open-minded. 🙃 I remember that day so clearly. Fast-forward 4 years later, that memory came back so I am trying to learn as much as possible because I knew I needed to try everything. Sometimes you have to go through hardship before you are ready to heal but this is why it’s so important to plant seeds– or ideas.
  • [The Doctor’s Farmacy] Doctors Reveal How They Healed Their Autoimmune Disease – Increasing evidences have shown that the abnormal inflammatory response is closely associated with many chronic diseases, especially in autoimmune diseases. If you already have one, you may have to mentally prepare for a long healing journey because the inflammation may take years before it could’ve even been clinically diagnosed. However, there is a good chance some autoimmune diseases maybe be prevented by lifestyle and diet changes… so why wouldn’t you take that chance and try?


  • “Women do not need to be polite when men are making them uncomfortable.” – @JustAMomNamedMP
  • “My 13 year old cousin asked my boyfriend (who’s a teacher) how he “sleeps at night knowing he’s given people homework” – @LemonMombley
  • “I’m sick and tired of being the only person who cooks, cleans, and pays all the damn bills in this house. I live alone, but still.” – @Agent_Kibi
  • “Damn. I just got my Booster shot and before I got home I got a text from Bill Gates wanting to verify my location” – @mstone1104 *the comments 😂

Personal Updates

  • I went on my first bike ride in 3 weeks! Kept it short with only 5 SPloopz. Playlist was fantastic, #godrayz were everywhere, and Mother Nature was just doing her thang! I never take my #bikelife for granted.
  • It sounds as silly as her 5-4-3-2-1 method (which changed my life!) but Mel Robbin’s new High-5 Habit is another game-changer. I found a new RMT this week, and we were talking about morning routines. I read Mel’s first book but haven’t started her new one yet but he brought this up, and the next day one of my favorite podcast channels had a new episode with her at the top of my list.
  • I was also talking to someone at one of my clinics— his neck has been chronically tight, and he began to experience recurring strep throat. I encouraged him to try acupuncture because I suspected the tightness is causing the strep, just like my tight back was the root cause of all my digestive issues. He’s been to the ER many times for strep but was discharged without anyone helping him find the root cause— our system makes it hard (not impossible) to find a western medicine doctor who can diagnose you efficiently or point you to the right direction. As with mine, his condition has been chronic so I’m sure there was a trickle down effect resulting in other systems in your body that will require healing. This means healing may take time, and multiple sessions combined with other modalities of healing and lifestyle changes (both western + eastern).
things I love: Seattle Chocolate and their fun flavours | anything BIRTHDAY CAKE | burrata | pork rinds
things I love: Seattle Chocolate and their fun flavours | anything BIRTHDAY CAKE | burrata | pork rinds
wild salmon rice bowls | uni + roast pork + napa & beanthread stir-fry | avocado toast with eggs + uni + ghee

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