Things I Loved This Week #2


  • You are what you attract. You attract people at the level that you are at.
  • Ketosis for brain health. The problem I see is that people are so focussed on weight-loss that they forget to acknowledge that there are other benefits for things such as exercise and ketosis. On top of that, they over-do it (eg. Is on-going ketosis even healthy?! Are extreme diet philosophies such as being vegan or carnivore good for your HEALTH, ethics aside?) I exercise for my peace of mind. I do cyclical ketosis for anti-aging effects, autophagy and brain health.
  • A fun read for cyclists: The 6 Stages of Cycling Enlightenment
  • 8 Ways to Elevate Your Next Adventure
  • What Are the Odds We Are Living in a Computer Simulation? – This is a super old article but consciousness is probably the most perplexing topic of our time but who cares— we can make the most out of our lives living in a simulation or not. Sometimes it’s okay not to know! I know some people who are sooo highly analytical, trying to make sense out of every little thing that they overthink themselves into existential angst. My unsolicited advice: stop thinking so much and go enjoy your short time on earth. 🙃



I believe its important to live everyday like it’s your birthday but yesterday, 34 felt marvelous! With age comes wisdom and with that comes clarity and fulfillment. I wouldn’t want to change anything in my life! 🦄 Some people hate birthdays and aging but why would you ever want to to go back to a part of your life where you are less experienced? Life only gets better as you get wiser. 🤓 If you’re not, it’s time to change your environment!!
It is sooo important to me to be with people who are driven, active/fit, and loves food. What about you?

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