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Excuse my lateness (again), but if you read my blog, you know I have commitment issues and I never write as regularly as I  should. Two days ago was the International Day of Happiness and I haven’t done a Things I Love entry in a very long time.

Things I Love @ IFuckingLoveFitness.com

  • Sunny Spring Bike Rides. Sunny spring (and fall) bike rides rock because you get the same beautiful weather but less sweating action. Yes, I know sweating is good for you but it is nice to not feel gross and sticky like you sometimes do after long summer bike rides when you have dirt, leaves, bug parts and other things stuck on your sweaty body.
  • Hot Yoga. I did Bikram’s today (second class back after almost 1.5 years) and as I was lying there in Savasana, I was thinking about how relaxing this feels, how much I really love Bikram’s, how the heat doesn’t bother me anymore (or maybe the room was colder than usual) and how much I’m starting to enjoy just lying there and doing nothing. Well, I guess didn’t really achieve the meditative state in Savasana because my thoughts were still racing, but at least I was enjoying it. That’s a step forward, right?
  • Sashimi. You can never have too much sashimi.. especially if you are active. Harharhar.
  • Comfy Desk Chairs. I finally splurged in a comfy and ergonomic desk chair for my home office. I would’ve rather put that money in towards a new bike for this summer but I guess it is worth it when your back feels good!!
  • Greek Food. Ever since Stepho’s opened their location on Robson, we’ve been going there A LOT… for take out that is. I would never line up for long to get into a restaurant no matter how good it is— plus eating in the comfort of you own home home is just so much better!

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