Things I Love

MILK JUG. My thoughtful friend gifted me with a milk jug which I use as a waterbottle. Water tastes sooo much better in glass than in the plastic shaker bottle I use to use plus it\’s a workout carrying that thing around with me everywhere. Double benefits.


SQUAT & DEADLIFT DAYS. I stopped split-training for over a year but recently added 1 squat day and 1 deadlift day back to my regular metcon and HIIT routines. The feeling of not being able to walk the next day is the best feeling ever.

ABS. I never cared for a 6-pack before because I live to eat but Boyfriend is doing a fitness challenge so he\’s eating super clean which makes it easier for me to eat clean— which also means I\’m jumping on board! With clean-eating comes abs… so my new goal: the 6-pack. But I\’m taking it slow because I don\’t need it until May and I\’m one of those people who even at a very low body fat percentage, have a very hard time getting nicely chiseled abs to show. I still love food so I\’m slowly training my taste buds so I can go hard with the clean-eating starting in March and not feel deprived for the next two months.


I\’m rocking my super cute SeaWheeze shorts. Speaking of the SeaWheeze, have I mentioned that I haven\’t ran since that last half-marathon?

PARSLEY. I HATE CILANTRO (gasp from all my Asian friends) but I\’m starting to love parsley. A friend informed me that parsley is one of the most underrated herbs because it\’s so nutritious yet cheap so it\’s not highly marketed.

Quick facts about parsley:

  •  Rich in vitamin A, C, K, beta-carotene, folic acid, iron, protein and calcium.
  • Contains lots of chlorophyll and helps curb growth of bacteria. Say goodbye to bad breath!
  • It may even help to protect us against developing cancer!

FITNESS. What else can I say? I live, breath, (but not always) eat fitness!!