Things I Didn\’t Learn Until Embarrassingly Late In Life


  • That we\’ve never been to Mars… or any other planet. As I kid, I use to indulge in astronomy books (the one with lots of pictures) because I was obsessed with the universe. There were lots of \”theory\” books about missions to other planets and I always thought they were real… you wouldn\’t be able to imagine my disappointment when I learned that we\’ve never done it. Any of it. The moon doesn\’t count because it\’s lame.
    Age learned: 12
  • The location of Korea. I always thought it was down there near Vietnam/Cambodia but I was shocked to see that it was a TINY ass country inbetween China and Japan. How can so many perfect-looking guys come out of this tiny speck on the map? Not fair.
    Age learned: 15
  • The sort columns in iTunes. The sort columns are the best things ever because it makes iTunes a breeze to use. I feel like a major asshole for hating on iTunes back when I didn\’t know how to use it properly.
    Age learned: 20
  • How to spell \”anonymous.\” I never knew (or cared) how to spell it until I started using it a lot especially when I blog. To tell you the truth, I haven\’t memorized the spelling despite looking it up 97549675643x times.
    Age learned: Never…
[via Secret Society of List Addicts]