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I have a full time job, too many social engagements for my liking (introvert probz), mandatory “me time” at the gym and most importantly on my bike, and adult responsibilities like cleaning the toilet (or hiring a maid to do it) but I’ve been traveling like a mad-woman this year. The traveling adds an extra layer of stress and complexity to my life such as 5am wake up calls to get miles on my bike before work, or having a hectic day at the office when you know you can’t stay late since you made early dinner plans… but I really wouldn’t trade it for the world.

The Wynn @ Las Vegas
The Wynn @ Las Vegas

I’ve turned into quite a prissy traveler but with so much time spent on airplanes and at airports, it’s worth every effort and dollar to make my travels as stress-free as possible. If you read my blog, you know I am all about maximizing my time and enjoying life. I am always on top of picking my seat and priority boarding, and I am not a light packer …but I don’t care! What I’ve learned about travel: do whatever the hell you want and what makes you happy. I use a carry-on for 3-5 day trips otherwise I will check in luggage. I don’t tend to “over-pack” but I will always bring a bigger suitcase for shopping. I learned that I am definitely not a backpacker nor a budget traveler– if I am going to escape, I am going to want the best and do it in style. I can live “normally” at home (aka no 5-star restaurant dinners every single night) so why do I want to travel below my means?! You can save money by cooking your own lunch and buying less coffee… you just need to figure out your priorities.

Traveling is supposed to be a whole experience: culture, culinary and shopping!

Travel Carry On Neccessities

Here are my carry-on necessities:

Wallet (passport, Nexus, ID’s, credit cards, cash) | Cellphone + iPad Mini | Bluetooth headsetMake up and toiletries (I never check these in!)  | Perfume & Mints (I can’t stand unpleasant smells from other people around me …AND from myself) Inflatable Neck Pillow | Supplements + Lactaid Pills (I can’t give up dairy!) | Pen (don’t understand how people travel without writing instruments) | And of course, my trusty Briggs & Riley Spinner & Weekender!

Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don’t be sorry.

What are your travel necessities?

Travel Essentials @ Twentyfourcarat.net

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