The Art of Documenting Things

K + L 1990

It’s 2019 and I have barely written in my blog since I quit my job 3 years ago and decided to go on a sabbatical. I promised myself I was going to document my journey, but of course, that did not happen (because I was too busy living life). At the cusp of the new age of social media, I had also turned to Instagram instead, neglecting my dearest diary that has been faithful to be for all these years (my blog).

I’ve been keeping a “diary” for since as long as I could remember because I have always loved writing and reading as a child, and my parents always tried to foster my passion. They would encourage us to write “essays” after our family vacations and my sister and I would happily (and extremely excitedly) oblige. We would “hand in” our essays to our parents along with pictures (stick people and coloring outside of the lines) and all. One of my favorite ‘games’ growing up was searching for words in the dictionary… I begged and begged my mom to make lists of words for me to look up. Nerd alert!!

Story-telling and documenting has always been a part of growing up.

My grandpa was really into collecting and taking photos and documenting family histories, and I remember the rows and rows of photo albums at my grandparents house that I would look over and over growing up. My dad was a creative in his own quirky way and always followed us around with a video camera. We have videos of us growing up at every stage in our life and every moment was recorded on tape— serious and silly. We have videos of my younger sister and I dressed up in princess costumes (given to us by her best friend because we grew up with little money), presenting poems or stories we wrote, acting out skits, or presenting a “tv show” from a scroll we illustrated, winding it through a fake cardboard television with two slits on either sides for the paper to slide through. My mom use to let us record ourselves on a cassette tape before my sister and I before we went to bed, talking and telling silly stories. We were always so sad when she pressed stop and made us actually go to bed.

grandpa on a bike

I was one of the first kids with a cellphone in my elementary school (a chunky Fido) because I was already pretty nerdy and “techy” growing up— life changed when I got my first computer at 9-years-old. Soon after that, I got my first first film-processing camera. I followed my friends around with it everywhere in grade 7, and then I soon started doing that with my dad’s old video camera until we were about 15 or so. I recently found the tape in my storage locker and we are going to have a showing (as soon as we find someone with a VCR we can borrow)! It’s going to be sooo embarrassing. I am already pretty mortified thinking of it so I hope there will be alcohol involved. I had a “photo” site titled “Captured” in high school that documented all our antics (publicly— why!!??!) but unfortunately, I simply suck at back ups and lost my years and years of photos that I had meticulously scanned (and my scanner was sooo slow) onto my computer.

Anyway, this is the first time I’ve logged into my blog in a long time. I stumbled upon an old blog post I wrote about fitness and wanted to write a part two, then I started rambling and got side-tracked with this.

I was actually in the midst of starting from scratch and importing older entries (manually) into here because I messed up my database when backing it up and couldn’t find older back ups. Nevertheless, I didn’t finish it and I ended up losing a lot of precious memories (blog posts) that never made it into the new database. I’ve been thinking about blogging again for a very long time but it’s so hard to find time these days as we grow older with responsibilities and worries, and not to mention, life has changed so much (with the interference of technology). I never cared if anyone read my blog since I always wrote for myself because I like to keep a record of my life, and writing has always been therapeutic for me. This particular blog started at around 2005 when “personal blogs” were all the rage (remember those days?!), and then it’s heydays were when I started writing about [terrible] fashion, shopping, and all that girly stuff, and then I started writing about health and fitness (and lost thousands of readers). Hah.

On a bicycle ride earlier this year, I recall thinking to myself: I use to be so creative when I was younger because I was always drawing, creating, writing short stories, and writing poetry but I seem to have lost that spark… and I desperately want it back.

I was listening to a podcast featuring Caterina Fake a couple of days ago and she mentioned her love for poetry. I use to have a little poetry site that I coded in super simple HTML with iFrames on my mom’s web hosting space that came with her internet provider from the early 2000’s (that should be forever kept a secret) and I just checked it. I can’t believe it’s still up!!

There is really no point in this blog post. The only reason I started using Instagram in 2012 was to create a chronological order of my life in pictures. I need to get everything together in one place to create my “forever book” because documenting memories and telling stories has always been so important to me. I was never a great writer, and I have so many unpublished blog posts due to perfection paralysis or not being able to pick a perfect “featured image” for the blog. In this fast-paced world with limited characters on Twitter and Instagram, I’m sure no one reads anymore anyway so I vow to overcome this terrible habit and begin documenting my experiences again, unedited photos + grammar + spelling mistakes and all.

I was looking for a relevant photo to upload for this entry but I couldn’t find any. Instead, here is a photo I took as I was “moving out” of my apartment with a make-shift cardboard box coffee table, since I just sold mine. Five years prior, I was with my best friends in my empty apartment, serving wine + cheese on a cardboard box to celebrate my new home.
K + L 1990

This is the diary of a girl who always knew there were more to life. **this blog is no longer updated** Click here to go to new blog.

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