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I am all for spontaneity and was never the one to follow rules but I’ve always realized the importance of having a solid routine right from the moment you wake up, and implementing small daily healthy habits throughout the day. This creates the right mindset and tone for the rest of your day.

After quitting my job and leaving my comfortable life three years ago, I realized that NOT having a routine is so much more draining than having a routine to keep your health and wellness in check. Sure, keep the rest of your life spontaneous, but you must have your non-negotiables. My health and wellbeing is my priority and the pillar that sets the precedent for every other aspect of my life.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Will Durant

Set your intentions from the moment you wake up.

I’ve had the same morning routine for the past 4 years, exceptions are when I travel or when I’m not home but it’s not something I beat myself up over if I were to miss a few days. One of my strengths is that I am really good at being organized, and finding ways to do things quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

1. Wake up in peace

When you wake up, Do NOT go on your phone. You can lay in bed for a while, roll around, be lazy, and slowly wake up. Practice breathing exercises or meditate. Get into the habit of stretching and elongating your limbs, an instinctive movement called, pandiculation, which is our nervous system’s natural way of waking up our sensory-motor system, preparing us for movement. Think about how cats yawn and stretch their limbs when they wake up. Feels soooo good.

2. Hydrate

The first thing I do when I get out of bed is turn on my kettle and take my probiotic (on an empty stomach). I love SEED and I’ve been using their high quality probiotic for the past three months.

3. Personal Care + Poop (yes poop!!)

TMI much? That’s too bad because I am the poop police! We are all about optimal health, and my friends and I talk about poop (and gut health). I even make sure even my partner goes too, or it could be a sign of something wrong such as not enough fibre in his diet. Good poop = healthy gut = happy you. 🙂 Don’t be shy, everyone poops and I want everyone around me to be happy and healthy!

Since I shower in the evening, I simply need to clean my face with micellar water + a cotton pad to clean off any yuckies that may have gotten on my face overnight. Currently, I’ve been using Rodan+Fields as my skincare routine for the past nine months, and it’s made a huge difference especially with what I put my skin through during the summer time on my bike rides. Goodbye environmental damage + uneven skin tone, and hello to a bright + glowy complexion even with no make up on!

4. Coffee Dance

In between my facial routine and letting different serums set in, I seem to move like a dancer robot on speed, moving between my bathroom and kitchen, every twist and turn brimming with purpose and action. I make coffee for us in the Nespresso with two scoops of collagen, and occasionally a bit of cocoa powder (extra antioxidants), and Lions Mane extract (cognitive function).

5. Daily Green Tea

I pour my hot water into my 24oz Contigo mug with a satchet or organic green tea. I’ve been doing this every day for the past three years (except when I travel). I refill this a couple of times until I switch over to an herbal tea after 3pm (currently really into this holy basil tea) and I have my mug with me everywhere. When I was working full- time, I use to carry a water bottle with me every day and I did this for almost 8 years, so now the only difference is that I prefer hot tea. Even in the summer time.

#cheapandasian tip: you can refill your mug don’t need to throw away your tea bags every time.

Once all this is done, I can finally relax and really begin my day!

I drink coffee in the morning not because I need to but because I want to. I am not dependent on caffeine and I never feel a “rush of energy with it anyway. I simply LOVE my routine, which includes the taste of coffee! If you are dependant on coffee for “energy,” I strongly urge you to explore other aspects of your life that may be sucking away your energy. Don’t blame the coffee!

“Habits are safer than rules; you don’t have to watch them. And you don’t have to keep them either. They keep you.” – Frank Hall Crane

Next, I will make a scrumptious breakfast for my boyfriend.

I’m not hungry in the AM and don’t eat unless I have an intense bike ride— or if I know I won’t be able to get until later in the day. I don’t set rules, I just play by ear. It’s important to me that my partner is healthy so I make an effort to do things for him that will elevate his well-being.

Being prepared makes forming habits easier.

Being prepared means there are NO excuses to not eat healthy, colourful, and delicious meals in the morning. My kitchen is filled with colorful fruits & vegetables, multiple protein sources (such as eggs, grass-fed beef, and tofu), sourdough bread… and I can throw together scrumptious and nutritious breakfasts in 5 minutes. Once you practice and make it a habit, you won’t even have to think about it.

“There is NO such thing as no time. You are simply UNPREPARED.”

sandwiches made in under 5 minutes.

Here are some other habits you should incorporate into your morning routine:

Gratitude Journal

I have a jar where I write down something I am grateful for daily. It could be something as simple as having a warm bed to sleep in. Writing is extremely therapeutic. If you haven’t tried, you should start now. Even a random mind-dump in a notebook as part of your morning routine is medicine for your soul.


You don’t have to do a full workout in the morning but whether it is stretching, myofascial release, taking a walk with your partner around the neighbourhood with your coffee (love doing this on a sunny day), every step counts.

Digestive enzymes & supplements

Take digestive enzymes before eating a big meal. No, I don’t remember to take it all the time but I try. Digestive enzymes help the body break down food compounds and increase nutrient absorption, and also assisting in eliminating common issues such as bloating, gas, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea.

Hug your partner.

Most of the week, mornings and evenings are the only time we get to see each other. Don’t let it go to waste.

“If you are going to achieve excellence in big things, you develop the habit in little matters. Excellence is not an exception, it is a prevailing attitude.” – Colin Powell

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